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everFrag eSports sponsorship tournament

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everFrag eSports is looking too sponsor a league of legends team, but there are a few exceptions...
Were holding a 32 team tournament too findout whos the best, now you're going to ask... why should I bother?
Well this is how it works.
/ 32 teams
// best 2 of 3
/// top 6 are considered

/ 6 teams
// winner gets a contract
Whats in it for you?
Website, Mumble, Jerseys, Hardware, and a Signing bonus, 250$
The details for all that will come later.

What do you have to have? at least 1400 elo in 5v5, and to know the competitive scene, we will help break you out, but we expect some of you to have a competitive background.

So I'll need you guys to register on http://www.everfrag.com/forums and go to this thread~~~

Hope too see you all, we have 22 spots left!