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Gildas, The Clockwork Abomination (Dual-shield champion)

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Talmhaidh Mathan

Junior Member


Lore (skip if you want, this is shaky at best): Noxus has long dabbled in Techmaturgy, desiring an edge such as Orianna gives Piltover. Of all the Techmaturgists Noxus had at their disposal, only one had the skills necessary. The newly appointed Minister of Techmaturgy became obsessed with creating a machine such as Orianna. He worked tirelessly to create what was to become the shell of the Abomination, but a power source eluded him. His obsession devolved into madness, and he wandered the countryside searching for a core for his creation, until, one day - he found it. Deep within the heart of a ruined fortress, on the runed throne of a king long dead, he found the Core. It pulsed with an inner power beyond the strength of men, and in his hand it felt both fiery and freezing. Enthralled, he rushed back to his workshop where the shell waited with its twin embossed shields. After some tinkering, he placed the Core within the chest of his creation. It flared to life immediately, and the gears in the Abomination began to turn. The Minister was overjoyed. Yet joy soon turned to terror as the eyes of the beast flared to life with an unholy flame. It looked around, appraising its surroundings, then turned to look at the Minister, now cowering in the corner of the shop. *"Thank you, Minister."* It growled in a metallic, demonic voice. *"You have given me the gift of life once again, frail though it may be. I will forever be in your debt. Tell me, why was I built?"* "T-t-t-to fight on the Fields of Justice, in the League of Legends." The Minister stuttered. *"Hmm. Thank you, once again. I will never forget you, Minister."* With that, Gildas flung one of its shields, cleanly slicing the Minister in twain. It rampaged out of the workshop and cut a swath of devastation through Noxus. All contact was lost until the monster arrived at the Institute of War, demanding admission to the League on the grounds that it was from Noxus. After receiving word of the devastation in Noxus, the High Council admitted Gildas as to supervise the demonic power which now powered the shell.

Potential second skin: Ascended Gildas (similar look, holy warrior instead of demonic).

The champion has a similar mechanic to Jayce or Nidalee, being dependent on two "stances," which can be switched between at will with his ultimate (short cooldown, will explain). Furor Stance gives empowered offensive stats (Attack, AP, Attack Speed, small Movement speed buff) and corresponding abilities. Ardent(?) Stance gives enhanced defensive stats (Health, Armor, Magic Resist, loses the MS buff and moves slower) and corresponding abilities.

* **Passive:** Infernal Escutcheon: Basic attacks and abilities used on Gildas apply a stacking debuff to enemies. Upon accumulating 10 stacks, the debuff triggers magic damage on the enemy. Does not apply to monsters/minions, and has a low AP ratio.

>Furor Stance Abilities

* **Q:** Aeonian Wrath [Self]: Gildas ignores unit collision and gains movement speed for a short time (2/2.5/3/3.5/4 secs)

* **W:** Ferocious Blitz [Self]: Gildas' next attack launches four rapid blows that each apply a stack of Infernal Escutcheon and shreds the enemy's armor. Reduced effectiveness against minions and monsters.

* **E:** Twin Desolation [Skillshot]: Gildas throws both of his shields straight ahead, dealing damage to all enemies in two lines. Hitzones are narrow, with a wide gap in between. Think:




* **R:** Vent [Self, AoE damage]: Gildas vents his core, throwing off heat in an area around him, damaging enemies and applying a damage-over-time debuff that burns them for a percentage of their max health. This activates Ardent Stance. Cooldown: 30/25/20 (to prevent abuse. Cooldown could be increased, say, 40/35/30).

>Ardent Stance Abilities

* **Q:** Aegis Rush [Single Target CC]: Gildas rushes to and stuns a single enemy champion for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds. This applies one stack of Infernal Escutcheon to the target champion.

* **W:** Frigid Guard [Self/Ally AoE buff]: Gildas pulls his shields into a defensive position, reducing his movement speed by 25% but buffing his Armor and Magic Resist by a flat 25%, as well as buffing allies' Armor and MR by 1%/2%/3%/4%/5% (maybe? More? Less?).

* **E:** Bulwark of Ruin [AoE Blowout]: During a half-second channel, Gildas pulls his shields inward then flings them out, knocking back all enemies in a circle to 400/425/450/475/500 range (enemies closer to him are knocked back further, so all enemies end up at the same range).

* **R:** Glaciate [Self, AoE damage/chill]: Gildas draws heat from around him into his core, damaging and chilling all enemies withing range, reducing their movement speed by 25%. This activates Furor Stance. Cooldown: same as above.


The idea I'm going for here is a mode-switching champion with a strategic take, instead of rapid switching for chaining abilities like Jayce. Basically, picking a Stance commits you to it for a period of time, so you have to make a command decision as to how you'll be more valuable. If you're in Furor Stance and need to support your allies, can you really risk the drop in damage? Or vice versa, can your team afford to lose the support and CC you have in Ardent Stance?

Just thought it would be fun to play off these ideas a bit.