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***Top 32 team missing invite to online qualifer email - United Serenus Gaming***

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In addition to making this forum thread, I also put in a request with player support and emailed whats hopefully the right people to email about this. Not sure if I should also make a copy of this thread on general discussion just so that its more likely for the right red to see this.

Apparently the deadline to register is supposed to be Sunday but we lack the form to register with. Please help us out as we clearly are supposed to be in the online qualifier.

Just to repeat, we don't have a copy of the form to fill out to register for the online qualifier.

Summoner Name: Fas Scriptor
Team United Serenus Gaming
Team Tag: USRNG
Starting 5 team members:
Top - StrategicPlan
Jungle - Xenstall
Mid - Fas Scriptor
AD carry - AbstractCool
Support - Ishu55

Riot pls help, we're number 25 on the ladder.