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Season 2 Statues Give away and more!!!!!!!!!

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So I just have the season 2 statues sitting there, and the wasted riven skin card that i used =(

Anyways im planning on giving it away something next month in my stream. Not the

twitch.tv/10thvangola i have no use for that since my main is banned.

My main account is PrimoVangolaa so the twitch.tv would be twitch.tv/primovangolaa

Im going to give it away in a month or 2. and i will pick a random follower who will win the statue.

So ya again its Twitch.tv/primovangolaa

Watch me as i crawl my way back up.

Also i will be giving people The warz trial key 24hrs. so people follow up and i will choose some sometime this week and next week, http://thewarz.com/