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Nami & Vayne bot?

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Tony Shelurs



"As you may know if you have seen my play or my posts, I do bot support mainly. Recently I have been using Nami quite a bit, she is a fun support and can play rather aggressively."

I had the idea that a Nami & Vayne bot would be superior to most bot-team-ups.
Idea coming from the fact that, Nami gives tons of CC and Vayne is a god at chasing. Nami could slow the enemy or even stun the enemy while Vayne just stacks silverbolts on the enemy. I personally think this team up would be an amazing set up.

What do you all think?

-BTW, I play mostly Nami, Sona, Soraka for support. I have many other good supports though I don't use them often. If you have any other Team-ups that you'd like to suggest please do.

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Hi Im KK

Junior Member


Nami and Vayne is nice. But you should also try Nami and Fizz Combo. 2 Stronk. #gg