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Weird thing about the ranking system...

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So here is the deal... You lose a game -16 elo... you won a game +10 elo... That makes no sense to me because you have to work 2x as hard to get to your orginal elo.

i also read from other threads about the ranking system where you win... you win more... if you lose, you lose more... HUH?!!!!! too bad for me its if u win once, you lose 10x more...

in my ranking matches... i see people TESTING a new champ... i see trolls all over the place... I dont think my ranking matches are people saying are W/L 50% and this is how good people stuck in elo hell.

i even doubt people in ranking are trying to improve. They dont watch streams... they dont read thread... they suck and they think they are good... i seriously wish they design the ranking system and matching... because its hhhoriable.