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What's a good general Ap rune build?

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I'm looking for a rune page build that would be useful for most AP champions.
I'm currently level 23 and I only have 6 flat AP runes, 3 flat armor runes, and one flat AP quintessence. I mainly play Nidalee and am currently learning to play Katarina, also some other AP champs. I have 5.2k IP right now and I'm planning to spend all (if not, most) of it on runes. Thanks in advance.

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The most general AP page is probably Flat AP quints (if you want an even more universal page you could go magic pen or movespeed quints), magic pen marks, flat armor seals, flat mr glyphs.

That setup is very solid all around.

Some nice runes for down the road are AP/level glyphs, flat mr/armor quints for counter laning (ie vs Talon/Pantheon/Leblanc, etc), and hp/level seals.

With those runes available to you, you can pretty much run every AP champ with only a few exceptions (like Akali).