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Numerical Values > Slider Bar

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The slider bars for game HUD, Chat Scale, and sometimes minimap scale (though to a lesser degree) can alter some parts of the ui unreadable / just really unpleasant to look at.

For example, I run a 1600 x 900 Resolution and have spent quite a bit of time nudging the slider bar for my HUD size so that letters aren't blurry and lines separating skill points aren't overlapping. Short story, it can't be done aside from having it maxed out.

I have a pretty lengthy background of UI customization in WoW and you can change anything and everything as much as you want, adjusting things down to pixel perfect is simple. I'm not asking to have full control over the UI just from the in game config. I just think that having a simple .01 to 1.0 numerical box on the side next to the slider bar would be a great addition for UI sticklers.