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trials of nightmares

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Prior to The Eternal Nightmare’s induction into the League of Legends, the champion known as Nocturne slew many summoners in their sleep where they could not fight back. after being released into the waking realm in the Twisted Treeline, summoners were dispatched to take care of the creature. This is the report of one such summoner.

I was just relaxing in my quarters, watching a friend of mine control TF on Summoners Rift. He was trying to achieve a better synergy with the champion, and being as Twisted Fate and I are good friends and make a good team, I had decided to help him out. Out of the blue, I was summoned (via herald, that is) to The Council. I stood with a group of nine other summoners. We were briefed on the creature running amok in the Treeline. He had already killed one field architect and was working some others. A team of less experienced summoners was already summoning minions to keep the creature occupied. The Council dismissed us and sent us to the summoning platforms in the Treeline. My half was sent to the purple base, the other was sent to blue. We kept in contact using spells similar to those that we use when we were spectating a match.

“Anyone see it?” I asked. both groups replied negative. We then all started to cast spells of clairvoyance on different parts of the field. The beast was crafty, he was hidden away, but there were other things missing that added to our worry: Grez and the Dragon were gone. after flashing a summoner id to the shopkeep, I got all of the mana/cooldown reduction items I could hold; summoner spells were powerful, but they were also consuming. The groups then started scouring the jungle, letting the minions duke it out in the lanes- they weren’t smart enough to do much else. We searched for a solid hour but still nothing happened. I was just about to contact the Council and say that the beast had fled when I heard a choked gargle through my communication spell.

“What just happened, is everyone alright?”

Everyone sounded off except for one summoner- Barothas. I called his name frantically, but got no response. Finally one of the summoners found him. It was a horrifying sight. It haunts my dreams, both waking and sleeping. and all of that blood...It was just bad... Anyway, I ordered another clairvoyant sweep, but to no avail. It happened again, this time with my friend Ahvalon. and again. and again. and again. soon it was just me and two other summoners, and we had become the champions in our own game.

We were searching the jungle when we found him. A claw of darkness flew out of the grass at us with a tail that looked like the very night itself. The creature followed the trail with blinding speed. One of the other summoners cast a smite spell on it, but to no avail as the spell was absorbed by the strange mist that followed the creature around, and a ghostly laugh emanated from the beast. I exhausted the creature to give the other summoners time to escape and what I saw drew horror out of me- it was holding every single item of the seven summoners that he had slew- killing it would be very daunting. The creature turned to me and all of the sudden these things like snakes shot from his wrists. I flashed out of the way, but it was too late. They lashed around my wrists and everything that I had ever been afraid of danced before my eyes, and fear overtook me. I saw Noxus engulfed in battle. I saw Demacia burned to the ground. I saw the dead summoners, a handful of my friends among them laugh and mock me from the realm of their eternal sleep. Next thing I knew, I was running from the creature while the other two summoners had returned. There was no way that we could kill it, it was like all of the strongest champions had gotten together and made a beast with all of their strengths. Fiddlestick’s fear emanated from the monster, Shen’s stealthiness was obvious in every move, even the amount of frustration i had reminded me of getting thrown into enemy turrets. All of the sudden I got an idea. it was insane, idiotic, and abo****ely the only way i could think of. I rushed the creature. and wrapped my arms around it, casting an incinerate spell while one of my compatriots cast an exhaust spell to weaken it.

There was one time when I was recalling in a bush after having TF get thrashed within an inch of his life ( he still gives me troublefor this) and every single champion from the other team walked right on by to get into some sort of mischief. I had always counted that as my most intense recall. That was nothing compared to wrestling with the personification of hell. When I reached the base, the platform turret went nuts and fired its beam at the creature. It burst free of my grasp, but not before I uttered a spell. It was not a spell that I used during league matches at all, no, it was a binding spell, a spell that I used only in certain situations, a spell that I only used if the council gave me the go ahead, a spell that I only used on Champions during their induction. I bound the creature to the nearby Nexus, and shackles of ethereal energy coiled around it. The creature struggled and screamed a horrible piercing scream. It looked at me with furious eyes, and for a split second the world went black, and the creature lurched at me, barely halted by the coils that I knew could hold back the great Allistar with ease. I recited the spell with more dedication than I had ever done in a ritual. I was only dimly aware of my surroundings but I sensed the other two summoners joining my chant, binding the abominable creature to my will.

I completed the spell, and with the creature at my command, I stripped him of his items and brought him back to the institute of war, where it was decreed he would fight in the League. I still see the faces of the dead summoners in my sleep, as though the eternal nightmare has broken free of this world and is again performing his bloody dance in the realm of dreams. Knowing the power of the creature, I use him to this day, for both his wicked brutality, and my yearning for punishment for his crimes.