An unknown directx error has occurred.

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I start League of Legends, get into a lobby with a friend, and go to join a game. Select characters, lock in, and then the game starts - and then, just before the loading screen, the game crashes and this error comes up:

"An unknown directx error has occurred. Please make sure your video card supports shader model 2.0 and that it is using drivers from the manufacture."

It is, as far as I can tell, the same kind of problem here:

Except, I feel like none of those solutions will help me. You see, not just a few hours ago, I was on League of Legends with the same friend, we were playing on eachothers accounts, and we got into a game. My friend started experiencing internet troubles, while on my account, and wasn't able to get back in in time before it ended - so I have the leaver penalty from that - But I on my friends account was able to play fine. After the game ended, I got back on my own account, but decided not to continue playing for the moment, and I took a break.

Then, just a little while ago, we decided to get back on. My friend got on their account, and I got on mine - no problems there. And then the lobby, character select, lock in, game tries to go to the loading screen, and then I get that error. And each time I tried to reconnect to the game I get the same problem.

This was not happening less than a few hours ago - and I did not change /anything/ on my computer or LoL settings.

Why is this happening?
I'd really like to avoid being banned because of this ridiculousness.

Edit: So! I restarted my computer. And then I checked to make sure I could get into a solo custom game - I could. Then I tried a normal matchmade game. Also worked without crashing. Don't know why, or what the problem was, but there you go.