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Tragety of a Noxian

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spooge noodle

Junior Member


This story begins with the mighty brother warriors Draven and Darius engaging in a great battle against Demacian troops outside the Howling Marshlands, the Noxian troops utterly decimating the Demacian lines with their aid. Exchanging multiple blows with multitudes of troops, the brothers barely flinch as they become covered in the gore of their enemies. After this battle is over with the victors being the Noxian army, they count their losses and begin to cheer at the so few they lost and the great amount they took.

“Brother, do you see the amount of their dead? We are sure to be greatly recognized for this.” boats Draven

“Draven, this is not about the recognition or glory. It is about doing whatever it takes to eliminate and many Demacian scum as we can.”

“Come on, basking in the glory is a great feeling. Knowing that everybody is seeing you do what you do best.”

“You have much to learn brother… Lets report back.”

They soon make their way back to the Noxian capitol to tell of their success against the Demacians. Draven and Darius make their way into a large, ornate room that has low lighting with Swain sitting at a large table feeding his crow.

“Ahh, Darius and Draven, back from the field already?” says Swain

“Oh yes, and we slayed the lot of them, leaving not one of them alive! I myself…”

As Draven tries to speak, Darius elbows him in the side.

“UGHH!” Draven almost falling over.

“I apologize for my brother’s arrogance, but what he speaks is true. The mission was a success with no survivors on the other side.”

“That’s what I like to hear. Now I need you to come with me to go over these next mission specs Darius.” orders Swain

“What of me sir?” asked Draven

“Make yourself useful and compose yourself. After that clean yourself up, you’re a mess.” Swains says mockingly

Grinding his teeth “yes sir…”

On his way back to the barracks, Draven runs into some of his men all talking around a table, playing cards, each of them talking about how the mighty Darius slew 5 men with a single stroke of his great ax. They all were praising him while not mentioning a single word of Draven. This infuriated him, but he decided to go over to the table and join them in on their game.

“So did you see when Darius split that one warrior right in half?” said a soldiers.

“Yeah! How bout when the one guy snuck up on him and he crushed his head with his bare hands!” clamored another solider.

“I wish I could be part of HIS garrison so I could see more action like that.”

“Oh you do do ya?” barked Draven.

“Sir! When did you get hear?” mumbled the soldiers.

“So you want to join my brother’s ranks. Want to see him battle some more eh. Fight alongside my BROTHER and not ME!” shouted Draven

“No sir, we were just…”

“Quiet! Get out of my site! Go on watch duty or something, just leave this room!”

“Yes Sir!”

Draven then sat down on a chair that one of his soldiers was is, exhaling loudly and rubbing his head. He despised how his brother got all the fame and glory and he got thrown to the side. HE was the one who deserved the glory and HE was the one who should be going over the up coming mission. Instead he got thrown aside like a useless dog. His mind then started to sink into a dark place. He started contemplating on ways to get Darius out of the picture so he can have all eyes on him. While he was thinking about this, he noticed that one of the men stayed sitting at the end of the table. He wore a long coat and wore a hat with a wide brim that covered his eyes, with a nicely kept beard with a sinister smile.

“Did I not tell you to leave!” screamed Draven

“Hehe, well howdy to you too” smirked the stranger

“I demand to know who you are” commanded Draven

“You don’t much care for your brother, do you?”

“And what do you know of it?” said Draven
“The way I see it, he gets all the fame and fortune that you so desire. If there were something to happen to him, all that would fall in your hands. Am I right?” insinuated the man

“As if I were to even entertain such words of treason. I should have you executed on the spot for even suggesting that” bellowed Draven

“But here I still stand so you must be interested” said the man now looking up at him. Draven meet with his devilish eyes gazing upon him.

“Who are you?” inquired Draven

“Some call me the Master of the Cards, the Gamblers Luck, Will of the Roll. But you sir, may call me Twisted Fate.” revealed the man

“Twisted Fate huh? So you’re saying that you can help me get rid of my brother, without any evidence of me doin this?” questioned Draven

“Hehe, not even the slightest trace will be found” smirked the Master of the Cards

“Twisted Fate, you have yourself a deal’ said Draven

The two of them went over many situations and plans to be able to get rid of the Noxian Executioner secretly and quietly. They went over all sorts of ways to kill him from poisoning his drink to luring him into a dark ally and deliver a killing blow. While they were going over the plans, Twisted Fate decided to tell him about the magic powers he possessed.

“Now, there is a reason for my name now. I give my cards great power of my choosin” explained Twisted Fate.

“When I turn my card blue, it will inflict serious wounds and give more power. When I turn my card red, it constricts my enemy causing him to move very sluggish. When I turn my card yellow, I will stun my opponent, not allowing them to move hehehe” said Twisted Fate.

“Those are some interesting powers Mr. Twisted Fate, but how can I trust you?” questioned Draven.

“Just a stranger helpin out another stranger” said Twisted Fate cryptically.

After their little chat, they set their plan in action. Dravens part was to go to Darius and apologize for his outburst in Swains chambers and make it up to him by taking him out to the local tavern. Darius, finally thinking his brother understands, graciously accepts his offer and they head out, with Twisted Fate following close behind. Once they had gotten him plenty drunk, Draven would take him out of the bar and walk him home. On the way, Draven would then call out Twisted Fate to ambush Darius and use his yellow card to stun him so Draven could give the finishing blow. However, when the ambush took place, Twisted Fate came out and threw a blew card instead.
On there way back, they start walking through a narrow alleyway which would be perfect for Dravens ambush. So as soon as he lets Darius walk ahead of him, he takes out his twirling weapon and whips it straight at his brother, landing a heavy blow right at his back, sending him on his knees.

“Draven, by the Order of Noxious what is this!” roared Darius

“This is for you always getting the glory and recognition brother, this is what you deserve!” screamed Draven

As he yelled this, Draven took out his other spinning ax and delivered a devastating blow to the chest of Darius. When this happened, Darius removed his massive weapon and delivered a massive crushing blow upon Draven. Stumbling backwards, Draven catches his thrown ax, spins it around, and hurls it again at his furious brother. This causes Darius to fall hard on his back, dazed and confused at the scene he was in.

“Twisted Fate! Stun him so I can finish him off!” ordered Draven

Twisted Fate grinned and responded by throwing a blue card at the now enraged tyrant, smirking and laughing maniacally .

“Twisted Fate, what are you doin?! You are suppose to stun him!” shouted Draven angrily

"I need to gain more power to do that son" said Twisted Fate

Darius getting up rather quickly took his ax and dealt a powerful side slash at Draven which he just barely avoided. He then pulls his humungous ax back, grabbing ahold of Draven, and then smashing him under his chin. This makes Draven furious, thinking to himself that his brother is mocking him.

"Draven, you know this will not end in anybody's favor. So stop now and your punishment won't be severe" scolded Darius

"There is no going back and you know that brother" said Draven coldly as he readied both of his axes and hurled them towards his brother.

"Now Twisted Fate! You must STUN HIM!"

Twisted Fate however, threw yet another blue card at Darius allowing him to dodge his brothers attack without hesitation. After that last card hit, out of complete rage, Darius took his giant ax, jumped into the air towards Draven and dealt a crippling downward swing to his brother which left him laying on the ground motionless and bloodly.

“Why, (cough cough) why did you not help me?” asked the Draven as his life was fading away.

“Looks like your luck wasn’t in the cards my friend” said Twisted Fate as he laughed cynically and extraordinarily large cards surrounded him with light and as soon as the cards appeared, he vanished, not to be seen again.

As soon as he saw that dark smirk and heard that evil laugh, Draven closed his eyes and faded away into darkness with his brother Darius kneeling over him.

Le Fin.

By: Travis Conley (a.k.a spooge noodle)

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spooge noodle

Junior Member


This is my first Fan Fic I have ever made, so go easy on me :P

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Junior Member


i'm sorry but I really can't go easy on you

it's almost as if you wrote the dialogue to the story . . . and then forgot about everything else. Read a few books and learn to set a scene up and you'll get better.