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How to do champ select

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Because many games are won at the loading screen.

A lot of people try and accomodate what others have chosen, by picking last, or second last. This is a large part of how I got to the high elo that I'm at today without playing OP champion. I'm not really that good at dominion, I just pick what my team needs and try and position myself correctly. That is the power of a balanced team. Sometimes I also just want to play a certain champion, in which case I'm hoping others will fill in the holes for me. I play a mean LeBlanc. Please try and make it easier on people by not leaving tremedous gaps in team composition that no single champion can fill.

What do I mean by this? Well, here's a few things to keep in mind when coming up with the ideal team composition.

1. You need a strong bottom laner. This is non negotiable. Bottom lane might just be the most important part of dominion.

2. You need a tank, or someone tanky. Some kind of an initiator who can take hits. Otherwise the tanky derps on the other team are just going to tell your squishies to bend over.

3. Some sort of AD damage. Give the enemy team a reason to build armor, because if they don't and this guy goes unchecked, they'll take tonnes of damage (triforce or no triforce). This person can be an AD carry, or a tanky DPS. If it's a tanky DPS, make sure you have enough damage to force the enemy team into buying armor. They will have a clear advantage over your team if you do not have to itemize for it.

4. Some sort of AP damage. Many tanks do some AP damage, but not enough to really encourage people to itemize beyond the normal amount of MR they'd get through spirit visage, merc treads or wit's end. If you don't have AP damage, your physical damage dealers are going to do nothing against the enemy team's armor. It's entirely possible for your AP damage dealer to be a support or poke oriented champion like Karma or Nidalee. Just make sure it's still enough AP damage that the enemy team has to itemize for MR.

5. Someone to fill in for whatever deficit your team might be lacking. Do you not have the AD damage? Pick an AD of sorts. Do you not have AP damage? Pick an AP of sorts. Is you bottom lane easily countered, and you don't want to run the risk of them getting countered because it's blind pick? Chose a champion who can do both bot and top if needed. Do you want a strong ganker who will make sure the enemy bot laner doesn't get too comfortable? Go ahead and do that.

Here are some example variations of a top lane composition that works.

Xin Zhao

This composition has a deadly mix of AP and AD damage, poke, survivability, and peel. It also has a really strong initiation when needed, and Lux and Ezreal can defend points for an incredibly long time. Lux, Ezreal and Xin can also got bottom lane in a pinch.


This composition is also great. Strong initiation, some good damage, and excellent poke. If the team would be better off with a ranged AD like Vayne or Caitlyn, then that's also an option. Both of them would work really well in this team. Jarvan is also a really solid bottom laner.


Another great team. You have some high damage dealers, a very disruptive tank, and a team that doesn't give a damn if you're all huddled safely together on your turret. Caitlyn and Kayle (and even Alistar when built a certain way) can go bottom lane. Alistar and Poppy are also vicious bot lane gankers.

You don't always have to have the perfect team, and I'm not saying you should rage at your team if you don't always have an ideal composition. Stay in queue because there is a very good chance that the enemy team is also going to have a pretty ****ty team comp. Also, certain broken OP champions can make up for a team's horrible composition out of their sheer strength. If someone on your team picked Kassadin, great. There's a very good chance that as long as the other team doesn't pick Kassadin, or that you have the more skilled Kassadin, you will win.

I figure, why fight an uphill battle with a poorly balanced team, when you can stack the odds in your favor at champ select (while not feeling dirty because you chose Kassadin or Kha'Zix).

I leave you guys with some examples of good team compositions, and bad team compositions.

1. This is a great team. Lulu is a strong bottom laner. Amumu, Panth, and Ez were chosen. This team has some great AD damage, poke, defense, and initiation. It also has a really strong global presence, and some fierce ganks through Pantheon and Amumu. The only thing left to fill was the AP champ. I decided to chose Eve.

2. Another great team comp.

3. This is a riskier team comp because it's a lot of squishies. My preference would be for Ahri to go bot lane, otherwise top might lack in AD damage. It's still a very well rounded team. Honestly, Teemo would probably be able to compensate for anything that our team was lacking.

4. This is a bad team comp. 3 squishy APs, with no one really calling for bot. I can't do a thing to help out our team with a single champion pick. I can either pick a bottom laner if no one else is wanting to (in which case top is kind of unbalanced and lacking in certain areas - though Teemo and Lulu could very well compensate for it), I can pick a tank (in which case our team is lacking in AD damage), or I can pick an AD damage dealer (in which case our team is lacking in tankyness, as well as a solid initiator).

5. In this game I wanted to play Lux. Top lane would be okay, but it's a little bit too squishy for my comfort (assuming Maokai doesn't go bot lane). Ashe doesn't really have the front line to support her, and gap closers are going to reach her no problem. Maokai and I can only root and slow for so long before something reaches her. Shaco is also an alright pick, but is terrible in team fights. In which case sapling, traps, and hawkshots might give us some ability to track the enemy team's movements, but it isn't really that great for bushwacks. If any of us get bushwacked on the other hand, we'd be finished. Ultimately it could work, but there's far better.

6. Not the best team comp, and I am also at fault for this one. Not so surprisingly, it ended in a loss.

7. This team comp makes me weep, even with the K******* on my team. The only person who can really go bot lane is Graves, and even then that's only against certain match ups. Kassadin, LeBlanc, and Eve top lane is far too much squishy AP for any team. All it's going to take is some MR and top lane falls apart. The only thing this team has going for it is high mobility. Sometimes that's enough to win games, but it can be really hard.

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This is great. You could use some bold and underline to make it more good looking.
Good Work!

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That's a great write up and I agree. Unfortunately I always gets the guys who lock in AD Anivia or goes AFK until 2 seconds before the timer and then inevitably picks whatever we don't need.

But for those who have compliant teammates, good advice

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Do note that bad compositions in terms of role can survive by mechanics. For example, if your top lane is made of glass but they have significant poke/burst or disengage with at least someone to stand in front, you can keep pressure on top with someone roaming to either backcap or gank bot if you can't manage to dislodge them from the tower or do enough damage to safely engage.

I've been able to salvage horrid compositions top by dragging away people to babysit mid/bot and they manage to steamroll who's left just by pure numbers. This has only really been able to work, though, when the concept of range applies. Champions like Kassadin and Akali toss that notion out the window.

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nice post. I definitely want to get the idea of picking champs based on what your team needs out there to people. Too many times I can't fill every needed role myself and i'm already the last pick.

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Bumping this thread because I'm still catching people locking in Teemo, Nidalee, and Fizz.