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My experience with the Mac client

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Hey, first of all, thanks to Riot for their hard work trying to bring this great game to Mac players.

Here are my specs :

Model Name : MacBook
Model Identifier : MacBook5,1
Processor Name : Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed : 2 GHz
Number Of Processors : 1
Total Number Of Cores : 2
L2 Cache (per processor) : 3 Mo
Memory : 2 Go
Bus Speed : 1,07 GHz
Boot ROM Version : MB51.007D.B03
SMC Version : 1.32f8

So, my comments about the client itself now :

Even after the last patch, I am still experiencing a lag spike at the start of every game I play, I still can't see Mordekaiser in game who just appears as a few pixels running around on my screen under a health bar. I have also not been able to play any practice games so far, it seems there is a problem in the chat before practice games are started. Other than that, I'm quite happy. Game runs well on high settings and without lag, hope to see it come out soon on all servers.

Keep up the good work !

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Hey again,

Just to say that since the last patch (.104), I have had to change all my settings from high to very low because I was suffering from an extremely low FPS count : around 6 on high, managed to get it up to 19 on very low settings. Hope next patch will resolve most of the issues that you guys are working on.

Thanks again for all the work that you do for us mac users.