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Your Money and League of Legends

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Doctor Brobotnik

Senior Member


Here's a fun equation for you all to play!

Take the number of months you've been playing League of Legends and divide that number by the amount of money you've spent on this game so far with RP, name changes, all of it. Now that number is directly correlated to an average budget of yours so you take that number and multiply it by the percentage of champions you own over the total amount of champions. Then when you're done with that divide that number by 100 to get your percentage of money spent based on the amount of champions you own, to the number of skins.

Should your number be less than zero, that's ok. Should it be more than zero that's fine.

Of course, my number is "ERROR CAN NOT DIVIDE BY ZERO" since spending money on a free to play game is asinine!

Go buy some food!