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Most frustrating matchups

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Early game feels like it drags on too long, the individual character matchups themselves aren't problematic so much that teams with strong poke tend to be able to widen their advantage well into the midgame, by which time team moral is in shambles to say nothing of the gap in team resources.

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There are 6 problem champs on the map (yi, nid, blitz, jayce [though I think varus is more of a problem, jayce is the popular pick], xerath, lux).

Yi: ROFLMAO combo potential, a 4k damage ability that does it to 4 targets, makes you untargetable, and can be used up to 5 times in under 3 seconds if you plan ahead. That potential is OP on its own.

Nid: Everyone *****es about spears, but I would remove nid from this list to put varus/jayce in her place, AOE nid spears are even more OP

Jayce/xerath/lux/varus: AOE nid spears OP yo

Blitz: a unique mechanic that even if only landed 10% of the time is enough to change the outcome of a game

figure out a way to ban/remove these champs from the random pool, and the format will be fixed.

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Maybe give Horns active plus ......25-50 Hp when used, but increase the cool down by 5 secs?

Maybe 75, cuz even Irelia can't sustain in ARAM

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- Sona and Heimerdinger are too strong.

- Healers babysit too much; AD carries / ranged champions push towers too hard; a mix of the 2 usually means an inhibitor down by 5 minutes.

- Frustrating games are games where 9 champions out of 10 are the poke kind, and you happen to be the melee one; pokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokeandpokeback.
Poke warfare for 30 minutes straight when all you do is sit behind and watch. Terror.

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Since the classic forums will be converted to "read only" with the transition to the lol reddit lol style forums, need to get some less-terrible (dare I say "helpful&quot threads to the top.