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ADC Rune page

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Junior Member


Would anyone know a good ADC rune page? I asked a friend and he says to build it with all crit damage which is fine, but I don't know if it is for the best. I mostly play Varus, Cait, and Ashe. Thanks.

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Junior Member


crit damage? never heard that build for ADC..

i suggest :

Quint - AD
Glyph - MR
Seal - Armor
Mark - AD

thats how i play.

and masteries are 21/9/0

best build for me to ADC.


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Senior Member


for my adcs i build life steal quints, 4 att damage marks 4 attack speed marks. the yellow ones i build attk speed and the blue ones i build attk speed.

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I need some advices to improve my game
i like adc and my main is ashe
i will buy soon corki and draven
my build for ashe is berserker boots bloodthrister (sanguine blade) infinity edge a red arch that gives 70 atck speed (forgot name) and a blade wich give the champ 45 of magic resist and also gives atack damage(forgot name too but the main item is bf.sword)
i need advice about masteries and runes

i will aprecciete any coment or advice
have a nice day


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Morgan FreeFarm



ADC generally builds Berserker Boots>Bloodthirster>Phantom Dancer>Infinity Edge>Defensive item>Last Whisper.

Mastery builds can be 21/0/9 or 21/9/0 depending on personal preference. If you want to have more survivability early on, 21/9/0 is optimal. If you prefer to have reduced summoner cooldowns and aren't great at conserving your mana while poking early on, then 21/0/9 is your best bet.

Runes can vary. Some people like to run Armor Pen. Some people prefer AD for easier cs'ing. If you're extremely confident in your cs'ing, I would suggest running Armor Pen reds, if not, then run Flat AD reds. With either build, you will want to run Flat Armor yellows, Scaling Magic Resist blues, and AD quints. Also, some people like to throw in one random crit chance rune for the chance at a lucky crit for first blood to win their lane.