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I was listening to Ryze, our CEO, speaking the other day about Riot's company culture. He said, "We're paranoid about our culture." That is, we do everything we possibly can to preserve it, we're always thinking about how we can preserve it, and we quickly purge anything that gets in the way of preserving it. He was presenting the Riot Manifesto to a group of Rioters. The Manifesto is one way we try to preserve the parts of our culture that make it so we don't become like that. I'm confident that the Riot you guys love will remain the Riot you've always loved. Might be different people, might be a little bigger, but the core will stay the same.
You'd need to establish a hiring and advancement policy that thoroughly checks the motivation of people in the company-strategy determing area.

In other words, you need a structure that allows for the "what if something happens to Ryze" event.

So basically, the difference between the USA Government and the Ancient Roman Government.

Can't have an unsavory imperator take power and begin the grinding-- which requires long insightful periods of vetting for management, usually.