A Brief History of the City-State of Demacia

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((As I stated in the Ask Lux thread I was "writing" a history of Demacia. I took some liberties, but tried to base it on as much known facts as possible. I tried to emulate the style of various Greek historians from way back, so ))

as told by Luxanna of House Crownguard the Lady of Luminosity, Assistant Councilor for the Samnii Tribe, League Champion for Demacia, Captain of the Demacian Security Brigade 3rd Division, 2nd in succession to the Duchy of Samnus.

Book I

My goal being to catalogue the course of events that led to the centuries long Demacia-Noxus conflict, I shall begin this endeavor with a description of the people originally inhabiting the area of Valoran now called Demacia, and their immediate history.

In antiquity, it was believed that seven tribes came to this land, having abandoned their nomadic origins, and having wandered north past the grasslands and desert to the far south in search of game, seeking an end to their migration from what is now known as the "Plague Jungles". Upon the western coast of Valoran they thereby took up noble pursuits such as farming, fishing, and animal husbandry.

I have found only scattered references in the records of this the seventh tribe, but in all references, it is stated that the seventh tribe, still feeling the pangs of wanderlust, eventually left their cousins and moved on, to the North. The more likely explanation is that there was not enough room in the fertile plains of present-day Demacia, and so this seventh tribe was ousted by the other six.

It has been widely speculated that this seventh tribe is the ancestral origin of the barbarian nomads that have in recent times allied themselves with the city of Freljord. On account of this kinship many in Demacia have recently pushed for increased ties with Freljord in recognition of our common origin, perhaps out of a sense of solidarity against our common foes, or more likely due to guilt arising from our inaction during Noxus' Barbarian Pacification Campaigns. In my opinion, owing to the fact that this seventh tribe is believed to have been called the Viltavii, a connection with the city-state of Piltover is the more logical conclusion, given the similarity between names.

The Six Tribes of Demacia, the Larencii, the Vaye, the Buchevelli, the Kune, the Samnii, and the Valorii, each settled distinct tracts of land, and for the most part, did not interact with each other during this time period, except on necessity of trade or religious celebration. On occasion, armed conflict broke out between tribes on account of border or marriage disputes, but intervention from neutral tribes normally led to quick, peaceful resolutions. The tribes settled as thus: the Larencii to the easternmost borders of present-day Demacia, the Vaye to the southeast bordering the salt marshes, the Buchevelli to the north along the Serpentine River, the Kune to the coast along the north, the Samnii to the coast along the south, and the Valorii to the central region of present-day Demacia.

Information about this period of time, referred to as 'pre-history', is scarce and difficult to come by. Most of what is known has been passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth, and of what written records remain, it is difficult, owing to degradation of the writing and the temporal shifts in language, to separate fact from outrageous tales of fiction.

For example, in one account discovered within a dusty tome in the Library of House Crownguard, it is claimed that a sea monster, larger than any ever seen or recorded, appeared on the coast, accompanied by a small blue creature resembling a pre-adolescent boy in size and shape. This sea monster is described to have swam on land as if in the water, leaping out from time to time to swallow villagers whole as if commanded by its companion. For four months this monster and its companion terrorized the coastal villages until the leader of the Kune tribe subdued the blue creature in single combat, thus banishing the sea monster.

This story is most unbelievable for a number of reasons when taken together: first, that in the millenia since, we have never seen a blue creature as described in the story on this side of Valoran; second, that no animal known or since recorded by any city of Valoran, possesses the capability, whether by magic or otherwise, to travel through solid ground as if swimming through water; and third, if the leader of the Kune truly did defeat this blue creature in single combat, why did the sea monster not come to its aid? Many similar incredible myths appear in the oldest records I have managed to find, too many list here, but none of particular note on account of the scale of their grandiose embellishments.

Thus concludes Book I of my history. I will next account the militarization of the Six Tribes in the face of threats from the East.