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@Morello, can you explain the design philosophy used for nerfing champions?

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jarvan iv whoa, this guy's a beast right now. i think he has some design flaws, though.


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I was actually pretty bumbed that Talon was Nerfed, he was never played in Ranked, then came black cleaver, and he was dominating, You guys did right by nerfing cleaver, but not sure about Talon.

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Just what is your stance on Rengar? Just how do you decide on what nerfs and buffs are appropriate?

You nerfed his damage output so he can't be played as a heavy-hitting bruiser if he chooses to double q.

You nerfed his ultimate so now it's worse than twitches stealth which is NOT an ultimate.

You nerfed his sustain which makes him harder to be an offtank, jungler, and now extremely squishy in teamfights.

Just what is Rengar's role? You nerfed him across the board and now he seems like a huge mess with no direction. Yes, he is playable; but being playable is not even close to being balanced. He is a fighter who lacks the ability to fight or off-tank, and a jungler who lacks the sustain and damage. His ultimate is completely LAUGHABLE.

I don't mean to be rude, but I just do not understand why you are nerfing him across the board. He doesn't deserve this.

Hey Morello, I'm not sure if you ever came back to this, (after asking other Riot employees about it). I dont have the time to scroll through 56+ pages of forum looking for a response to this. :\

So if there is a response for this can someone point it out for me? It would be greatly appreciated

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