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Irelia Wallpaper

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Started around 1am last night, went non-stop to 7:30 and my hand kills.

I took some artistic liberties, and in other areas like the daggers I did a bit of meticulous detail and that's when my hand started acting up, doing swirls in Illustrator by hand, pulling the handles until they are just right with the pen tool, aauuughhh.

I threw together the background in Photoshop at the end, it wasn't so much an afterthought as an...improvisation, as I intended to make a background, but wasn't sure what I would make.

Please any constructive feedback is appreciated and if you spot any glaring flaws that I didn't see in my sleep deprived state let me know and I can fix the release.

This is my first LOL fanart but feel free to visit my deviantart for similar work or to view/download it there

FML for the longest time I thought Irelia had greyish hair because of the splash and forgot it was black in-game, the fixed version is now available.