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'Tons of Brain Damage' [Fhreak] Looking for Members

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Hi guys, I'm still pretty new to Twisted Treeline admittedly but I like the quicker games, increased action and smaller team sizes. I consider myself a good LoL player in general, I was 1720 in solo queue Summoner's Rift last season.

Ideally, I'm looking for 2 people..maybe 3 so we have a backup and can play if someone isn't on. I'd prefer you to have a good amount of TT experience and can offer pointers to a less experienced player like myself, or if you're new to the map as well and interested like I am, I would like if you had success on Summoner's Rift, getting at least Gold in Season 2.

I personally have a lot of free time, so I wouldn't mind setting up a schedule for us to meet and play on a regular basis and practice. My goal for the team is to win, have fun, and improve our game. No drama or BS. I'd like to try and get as high rating as possible for season 3 rewards, even though that's likely at least a year away still. But since it's based on Top Rating it can't hurt to get started now.

If you're interested, add me in game and we can chat. Thank guys.

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Fea Kreuz



Digging the team name haha.

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i'ld be down