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Bring back diversity please

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There is a stark difference between this year's skins and last year's skins. This year's skins are all dark. None seem to be festive or play full [pool party ziggs and astro Nautilus did stand apart]. Most every League champ that comes out lately has been dark or human like. I would like to see more more mood diversity rather then just a dark atmosphere.

Looking at the original skins of LoL from the first year you will notice that they were not dark characters, save for a few. They also did not try to look human. The style was good, the quality needed improving.

I have noticed that I have bought FAR fewer skins this last year, infarct,come to think of it... I do not think I bought even 1! this year.

The old soraka model looked out of this world yes it needed an update but it would have been nice if soraka's unusual features were detailed better rather then done away with.

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I agree about Soraka bro. Detail the strangeness.