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My own personal rules for Hide & Seek

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I know there are a lot of threads about hide and seek. But everyone claims to have read a different thread when something goes wrong in game. So these are my own rules that i want to be able to link to people

You play the game on the Crystal Scar map, though when i have enough people i think i’ll try a version in Summoners Rift.

There are 5 hiders and 2 seekers (this is just the general thing, if you want more seekers w.e idc)

Hiders get 5 lives, If the seekers kill all the hiders within a 40 minute time period, the seekers win. If hiders still have lives at the 40 minute mark, the hiders win.

Hiders are ALLOWED to use crowd control. This includes, knockups, stuns, slows, knockbacks, fears, grabs, pulls, taunts, mushrooms, boxes, etc.

~Note for teemo and shaco~ you cannot stack shrooms. One shroom per bush, but you can have as many as your little teemo heart desires. Shaco, don’t stack boxes, when you stack boxes you’re doing it for damage, not using it as a cc ability.

~Note for Nidalee~ For my personal rules.. If a Hider using nidalee is building ap, she is not allowed to use her spear.

~Hider rules~

~Hiders may not recall at any point during the game. *If you “dc” you are not allowed to buy items when you reconnect* This is to prevent fake dc’s for items.

~Hiders are not allowed to auto attack. A way to prevent this is to stop with the S key.

~ After a hider has died 5 times, they are out, and must stay in the base or in the outer ring. YOU MAY NOT HELP YOUR TEAM. you are done.

~ After a hider has died 5 times, they MUST sell all their items.

~ A hider will lose a life (-1) if they kill a seeker with an auto attack.

~A hider is not allowed to use their cc abilities in order to purposely decrease a seekers health. CC is for getting away, not forcing seekers to b. Please cc responsibly ;x

~if you are able to snag a stormshield, go for it.

~Hiders are not allowed to prevent seekers from going b. If they’re going b, leave them alone.

~Hiders are allowed to have 2 twin shadows on their team. 1 before 25 mins, and 1 after.

~Seeker Rules~

~Seekers must wait in the base until the 2 minute mark. This works for you anyway because it allows you to rank up your boots.

~Seekers aren’t allowed to have oracle until the 15 minute mark. At the 15 minute mark, you may purchase it. But only one seeker is allowed to have oracle, though once it fades you can switch who gets it.

~When seekers get down to 300 hp you must stop chasing and b. If you don’t stop chasing, hiders will end up killing you. Most hiders will make it an excuse to kill you, so just do it.

~When a hider dies they are granted a grace period to hide again. 30 seconds once they rez. Seekers are not allowed to camp the spawn and wait for a hider to rez.

~ A lot of people hide at the base of the spawn point, you are allowed to kill them if they are hiding there. It’s not considered camping if they’re “hiding there”

~If hiders move up into their spawn where you can’t reach, the hider gets a (-1) to their life pool.

~The seeker team can only have one slow item.


~Thornmail - BANNED

~Gaurdian Angel - BANNED

~ Sunfire Cape - BANNED

~ Lightbringer - Allowed after the 20 minute mark

~ Hextech Sweeper - Allowed after the 20 minute mark

~Twin Shadows - Banned for seekers.

~Summoner Spells~

~Clairvoyance- Banned

~Ignite - Banned for hiders, Seekers are allowed to have ignite.

All other summoner spells are allowed.

If people are trolling, it’s not worth it to stay, either surrender, cap the towers, or be a ****** and dc. Then just rehost and ban all the retarded people.