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Dred Fang-Plague of the Void

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I always thought league of legends should have a cool infection disease type champion that steals stats (pretty much a trundle but with more skills revolved around stealing). The champ could be ap or ad it wouldn't really matter, he'd mostly just be a bruiser that fills top or jungle. Similar to trundle you'd just build him tanky and rely on his abilities to give him a natural steroid. I just think a champion like Dred Fang would be pretty cool to play as he would look pretty bad ass too. Here is an image, you might want to refer to it as i drew his passive in it (the hand wires going off the page). http://pancakeshark.deviantart.com/art/Dred-Fang-Concept-Art-342556787

Skill Kit

(passive)-Phagocytotic Predator- Dred Fang's regular auto attacks tether him to his enemies (similar to noc's fear skill), as long as they stay in range he will constantly drain health from his enemy. Can only bind to one target at a time.

(Q)-Violent Tissue Absorption- Dred's tongue shoots out to tear a chunk out of his enemy, doing damage and shredding some defensive stats, Dred temporarily gains a percentage of the defenses shredded. (Non skill shot, range 550ish)

(W)-Fatal Transmission- Dred's next auto attack is a vicious bite that deals a bit of extra damage and infects the target with "parasight", the "parasight" can survive within a foreign host for for 20 seconds. Casting the skill automatically charges your next attack, while your next auto attack is charged up, casting the skill again on a champion will teleport Dred to the target (he bursts out of the Parasight). (medium cooldown)

(E)-Muscle Deteriorating Enzymes- Dred spits a ball of mucus at target champion (similar to Kog's caustic spittle), this applies a debuff that slows movement speed, Dred gains a percentage of the stolen speed (similar to malphite).

(Ultimate)-Mass Infection- Dred does not have the tentacles on his back (in the drawing) until he has at least one point in his ulti (this is for cosmetic purposes ), on activation the tentacles on dred's back fire out and lash onto all nearby enemies (galio ult range). Enemies struck take damage and are revealed, they are all infected with a "parasight"

Dred would be played as an aggressive anti-carry tanky dps. Gameplay during the laning phase would consist of trading using your Q and passive for sustained 1v1. Teamfights would be revolved around catching everybody within your ult, stealing defences from the tank, speed from the bruiser, and then exploding out of the enemy AD carry (if you hit them with your ult or W).

He could also jungle as his passive allows for sustain, Q for resistance vs camps and E followed by the infecting W attack for ganks.

Tell me what you guys think