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Champion Concept : Fenix, The Undead Traitor

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Lomo Cat 4

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This will be one of my first real champion concepts I'm posting. Any others I make will have a link to this one . EDIT: Accidently pressed tab, submitted it for some reason. STILL WORKING ON THIS.

Born into a wealthy Noxian family, Fenix was trained at a young age to use multiple weapons. Dark magic was infused into his body, as his family elders were mages. In his training academy, he was envied by almost every student. His life was to be a glorious one. He soon enlisted in the legions of Noxus. It was his dream to become a commander in what he thought was the greatest army of all. Whenever another nation would clash with Noxus, Fenix easily slipped behind the enemy lines, swiftly assassinating as many enemies he could, then disappearing. Although in many battles he was the primary factor of Noxus's victory, all the credit that should've belonged to him went to his commander, Darius. At first, Fenix was sure that he could show the Noxians why he was worthy of being a Commander, but people laughed at the thought of it. Fenix was let down time and time again.
Fenix met Garen for the first time while in a tavern. Garen walked over to him with a smile on his face. He knew what was happening to Fenix, and they bonded. Fenix was going to rebel on the Noxians. At a meeting in the city hall of Noxus, Fenix stealthily snuck in. No one noticed him, and when they did, they got a knife to the throat. Fenix left the city hall with everyone dead inside it, but found a whole army of Noxians waiting outside for him. Fenix was shot down by snipers immediately, dying from his wounds. His body was dead, but not his soul. The dark magic he absorbed as a child had ensured that his spirit would be left behind after death. Fenix was much more powerful now, near invincible. With a smirk on his face, he decimated thousands of soldiers, saving the most pain for his killers. He left the city-state with the biggest bounty in the history of Noxus. Fenix then visited the institute, as he wanted a real challenge. He was applauded by thousands of Demacians as he was inducted into the League of Legends.

"He doesn't want to spend his time killing weaklings. I think we may be very alike." Pantheon

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Interesting lore. I'm excited to see what skills you give him. Nice work so far.