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Help with a documentary I want to film!

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Hello fellow summoners!

My name is Gerry and I've been playing LoL for quite some time now. Like many of you, not only do I enjoy playing the game, I love watching every competition stream. This is where I need your help. I just graduated college with a degree in film and for my first project, I want to look at the popularity of video game competitions, mainly with League of Legends. Many people do not quite comprehend how big these competitions are, most notably, through the amount of viewers it gains through each stream. My ultimate goal would be to take the finished product to competition, one of those hopefully being the Sundance Film Festival. So I pose a question for those who keep up with competition play:

What are some of the top tournaments and where are they held?

I know of a few, so any list of ideas you have would help greatly in the preliminary stages of this project.

Thank you!