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League Judgements: Syndra

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(I accidentally posted this in the lore section, since I never realized there was a fanfiction forum! Sorry!
Also, skip ahead if you just want to read the Judgement, the next paragraph is just me giving a tiny bit on info on me and the story.)

Hi! My english teachers and family have always said I had a talent for writing, and although I never really though so, I get good marks and write stories easily, especially when its about a topic I enjoy.

I love playing Syndra, and I find women with balls to be very interesting. Despite the poor wording of the previous sentence, I think you'll find my League Judgment on Syndra isn't to shabby for about an hour and a half of work!! My goal in this Judgement was to show there was more to Syndra than an all-powerful unbeatable limitless superhuman. In my opinion, something so poweful is very 1 dimensional and a boring, rpredictable character. I wanted to show Syndra's human side, the side of her where she can feel human emotions. Beneath all that power, she is hiding her fear of losing it, and becoming nothing, and how she reacts when faced with that in her reflection.

(For the record, I wasn't a part of LoL when Judgements were still a thing. If anything I wrote is wrong, like Vessaria or my made up name for Syndra's mentor, please don't take it too seriously! I also wrote this in Noteobook, so grammar and spelling mistakes may be present.)

Any feedback would be very appreciated! Thank you.



Candidate: Syndra
Date: September 12th, CLE


Syndra hovers down the dark corridor towards the giant doors leading to the reflection
room, her dark spheres orbiting languidly around her body. Reaching her destination,
she effortlessly raises herself into the air, the better to read the words inscribed
above the great marble doors. "The truest opponent lies within".

Laughing a humorless laugh that echoes off the walls of the corridor, Syndra
descends, magically opening the doors before striding into the room. As she enters, her
Dark Spheres blend seamlessly with the inky blackness of the Reflection Room.


"Excellent, Syndra! Once again, you exceed all my expectations!"

Despite the kindness in the words, Syndra felt neither encouraged nor proud... she
felt something she had not felt in years. Fear. Her old Mentor was speaking to

Jerking her head down, Syndra realized she was once again just a teenager, no more than fourteen years old. Still in the academy her village had sent her to to "hone" her talents, under the tutelage of an old Ionian Mage, Karadan. Another jolt of fear shot through Syndra, as she realized her spheres were gone, and her power was but a fraction of what it had been before she had stepped into the League's Reflection room.

Panicking, she lashed out at her master with her full potential, but nothing happened.
After struggling in vain to no effect, Syndra once again felt an emotion she thought she had forgotten. Fear. Ceasing her struggle, Syndra glared at Karadan.

"What are you doing Syndra!? Control yourself!" Shouted Karadan, bewildered.

Syndra ignored him, she had no time for games. She recalled how this had ended all those years ago, and had no desire to continue this illusion, if it meant she must feel this vulnerable. She knew what had happened next. Summoning what little power she had, bright tendrils of magic darted from her hands and entangled every object that wasn't attached to the groud. Turning to face her mentor, Syndra began to float into the air.

"You limit my potential! You are not here to teach me, you're here to stea--"

She didn't have time to finish. Karadan unleashed bolt of lightning, hitting Syndra square in the chest, knocking her to the ground and interrupting her spell.
This was not how it had happened, Karadan had not fought her! Confused and panicked, Syndra quickly regained control over her spell and before Karadan could ready another spell, threw everything in the room at the frail old man, creating a tornado of clutter. The cyclone enveloped her mentor, knocking him in a dozen different directions with each jarring impact. When the torrent ended, Karadan was left broken and crippled on the floor, barely moving.

"Power belongs to those who can wield it, fool! You will not hold me back!"

Inhaling rapidly, her power strained, Syndra finished the job by collapsing a massive stone statue of the Starchild Soraka on top of Karadan.

As the vision faded, Syndra re-opened her eyes to see a mess no worse than the one she had left in the simulation. The bodies of 15 summoners lay scattered around the room, groaning and rolling in agony. One man was particularly injured, clutching dark, bleeding wounds and whimpering in agony. With no remorse, Syndra guessed that man must have been the summoner who impersonated Karadan. Feeling vulnerable from her revealing reflection, Syndra gathered her reappeared strength and rose into the air, fleeing the room. As she flew, she glad to see that her three ominous dark spheres had returned to her side.

"You caused quite the complication for us, Syndra. We thought you knew what to expect in the reflection room." Said the High Councilor Vessaria Kolminye.

Syndra bridled with fury, and her orbs pulsed a small wave of dark matter.
"For what it is worth, I did not intend to kill your summoner." muttered Syndra.

Vessaria sighed. "It was a foolish idea to let a novice like Aren handle your reflection, and even more foolish for him to retaliate when you began to panic.
Although you were under stasis, your orbs went berserk, striking Aren with dark magic. Several summoners attempted to subdue them and save Aren, but to no avail."

Syndra could not help but smile. Her pride recovered a little, knowing that even their summoners could not fully stop her magic. She would never be weak ever again.

Ignoring the disrespectful smirk, Vessaria continued. "Needless to say, the reflection was a failure. If you will, we can finish it now.
Open your mind to me and we'll make this quick."

Syndra reluctantly did as she was bid, and allowed Vessaria access to her thoughts.
Closing her eyes, Vessaria cautiously probed Syndra's dark mind.

The small, yet authoritative voice of the High Councilor echoed in Syndra's thoughts.

"Why do you want to join the League, Syndra?"

In an instant, Syndra overpowered Vessaria and invaded her mind. Vessaria's eyes shot
open, and they were imbued with fear. In a voice a hundred times louder, Syndra
replied: "POWER."

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I liked it

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So full of detail i loved it i hope you reply i thought you spent a lot of time i would love to play with you in league. i hope you do more and i would love to read more

my summoner name is: chibiterasu1 if you would add me then msg me i would love it

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chozen arcangel

Junior Member


this is very interesting, one of my favorite characters because of her setup, keep your good work =)