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theory crafting shaco 101

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Hai Im Luna



Hey guys ive been working on a crit focused damage build for shaco since the new items came out. I was looking for some feedback and insight to what you guys think of this build. The build is HM,5 to start while rushing a wriggles immediately....standard stuff there then what ive been doing is rushing an IE and Sword of the divine as my core items and then building for the enemy team.

final build for ap heavy team would be like wriggles (sell if game goes to long) ,zerker greeves or boots of moblity,IE,SOFTD,wits end,GA, replace wriggles for a tanky item frozen mallet etc at some point.

for runes and masteries im runnin two crit damage quints and 1 atck damage, flat armor yellows, a mix of armor pen and atack damage reds.(mostly armor pen), and i honestly havnt figured out what i want my blues as yet prob AS.
the masteries will be 21/9/0 most likely

This build is going to be centered on this principle my runes will be set up for an extra 10 percent crit damage exactly . This coupled with the new crit strike mastery will make deieve hit 20 percent harder for your first gank at lvl 2, also since the new mastery fenzy gives you 2 seconds of 10 percent as everytime you crit this should make ur lvl 2 gank force them to at the very least burn a flash.

Now lets look at teamfight fight potential....thats why im trying this i like other people really think shaco could use a buff to his team fighting ability idk how this could be worked out exactly but in a team fight you are not to usefull,however my theory is with this build you could be.

with decieve maxed out and an infinity edge you will be critting for 290 % with your first strike then activating softd your next three attacks crit with IE for 270% while softd is active you also gain 100%attack speed plus for every critical your still gaining an extra 10 percent AS on top of that. With this build i can burst pretty much any squishy from full health and u can get off the burst so fast that most of the time if you get stuck you can just pop a box and a clone and get out of there still.

For instance yesterday i was playing a kha zix who had built 2 black cleavers he was hitting REALLY hard. I was running from him when he ran into some teemo shroomies that brought him to just under 3/4ths hp. mind you at the time i had about 1/4 hp. i simply popped my clone decived behind him hit the burst and he melted.

This is not a guide nor am i saying this is how shaco should be played. I am super curious to see what you guys think though so please let me know .

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Senior Member


IE is pretty standard on Shaco, SotD, looks interesting, and you should make sure you have at least 15-20 flat arpen from runes and masteries (probably by getting arpen quints or marks). I would think that Ghostblade is also good on Shaco (pop it w/ SotD for +200% AS), a Gunblade should give you damage, LS, make your boxes noticeable, give you more LS, and an extra slow ('cause we like to min-max, right?), and a LW for your final item is required.

However, while you will get 4 auto-crits in < 2 seconds, they're only going to hit for < 1000 each, LW + Ghostblade + runes & masteries effectively ignores < 100 armor, so you can 2-shot any squishy target, or eliminate a semi-hard bruiser in a couple seconds.

But if you really want to push that over the top, You might consider skipping SotD & Gunblade for a couple BTs, putting your base damage up to ~400-500, with enough crit damage that can multiply to a 1500+ crit. Congratulations, you just 1-shotted the carry: mission accomplished; come back in about 10 seconds and do it again to the mage, the assassin, the support, and then the tank/bruiser should be easy pickings. Rinse, wash, repeat.

Of course, this plan is a gambit that people don't realize what should be a glaring weakness (namely that any one of them can 1-shot you).