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Fiora in Season 3

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I love playing Fiora but I have no idea how to build her in S3. For top lane I used to go boots 3 pots, 2 dorans blades. Then rush Bloodthirster if I was doing well or get a phage and zeal if I was having a hard time. Merc treads against heavy CC and Swiftness boots if not. And finish up with Phantom Dancer for the great MS% increase on top of fioras great base MS of 325 + boots.

In S3 I don't like the new Dorans blade and boots seems pointless as a start because of the screwed up MS, and since Phantom Dancer no longer gives as much movement speed it seems almost pointless to build it on Fiora, I usually just get a zeal and leave it at that. I feel like rushing boots of switftness + Youmuus ghostblade and then building bloodthirster, frozen mallet, zeal, and atmas, seems to be the way to go now.

What do you guys think. How do you build top lane fiora?

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dude you have to try the new items! Everyone has been running ravenous hydra on her, it owns with her ult. Personally I build (in no particular order yet):
Frozen Mallet
Ravenous Hydra
Blood Thirster

Instead of atmas and scimitar which are your armor and MR along with AD you can do another BT and GA for a little more armor but less MR, and less AD but more lifesteal. The lifesteal works well with Ravenous.

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Here's some advice regarding a season three fiora:
1. boots and health pots
2. two doran's blades (as you were doing)
3. finish boots as defense boots (ninja tabi or merc treads)
4. get a black cleaver you are going to want that armor shred on a fast attack champ with a similar ult. (trade in doran's blades only if you can finish an item instantly, get brutalizer first for BC)
5. get tiamat, then finish ravenous hydra (aoe damage compounded with ult + black cleaver = domination.
6. then get blood thirster for damage and lifesteal.
7. after that, i'd go with a wits end for resist and attack speed. (also may want cdr)

The main difference with fiora now is to have a team mate help you a lot early on. I've had my jungler give me a lot of ganks and we just took down top. Fiora was able to take red (important) and can just wreck turrets after an enemy misstep.

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1.) boots + pots
2.) double dorans
3.) brutalizer
4.) phage
5.) brutalizer = BC
6.) phage = Frozen mallet
7.) tiamat = Ravenous
8.) BT

i go with the phage/frozen combo because you have no natural stun/slow also most teams are gonna focus you so you need the extra health.