Custom Game Mode: Dominion | Pure PvP | No Point Captures

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[Chatroom Name: dPvP]

I'm sure someone's already come up with this but... I'll post this anyway.

So the idea is to play a game that is 100% player vs player
without any other objects interfering (ex. minions, turrets).

And the only map without those objects is the Dominion map.

Basically, you just make a custom game with Dominion (draft or blind) and simply
fight to the death.

The objective can be whatever the room master wants it to be.
Ex. Goals:
-First to 20 kills
-Get the Nexus to 125 (Other team would surrender here)

-No capturing any of the points
-Banned Champions: (Whether draft or blind)

I can't come up with many rules, if there are any that need to be added, please
let me know.