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Couple option suggestions to help players (particularly in solo/duo ranked)

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So it's pretty frustrating in solo/duo ranked when people on my team are not very cooperative in selecting proper roles and communicating in chat during picks and bans.

When dealing with uncooperative teammates, and also teammates that refuse to cooperate, it's difficult to agree on a team composition. This can create really awkward combinations that nobody expects to work. Not only is it likely that the poor combination of something like 5 carries or no junglers will not be as effective as the standard team composition we would aim for in many of our games, but everyone's attitude is also worsened by the idea that we begin the game with a disadvantage due to poor team composition.

My idea of a "ranked" mode is a more competitive atmosphere, where players do more than they do in basic pub games to try to ensure victory for their team. This often means (and this includes everyone) ought to make sacrifices towards that ultimate goal. I would like it more of the games that I played felt as though that were the case. Evidently, choosing poorly in hero select and not-communicating with the team goes against this idea.

In an attempt to play more "good" and healthy ranked games, I've started occasionally queue dodging to avoid games that I believe will be very poor (also, read Chu's post at how to improve one's ELO). However the 30 minute wait time afterwards is such a huge penalty, it really discourages what I think is an unfortunate, but working strategy for trying to improve the quality of my games.


I propose a "vote to break queue" option in League during champion select. This vote ought to function like a surrender vote, if 4 or more players choose to vote on this option, the queue breaks and everyone returns to searching for a match.