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The people I queue with..

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*Champ select & Enemy team full of CC*

(Our last pick chooses Kat...against a Kassadin)


* I ask "Pls don't ban singed" *

Leader goes...."fk u hahah"

(Bans singed)


*They have a tanky team..that isn't tanky....yet*

..we ace them 2x

Me-"we need to push..fast..before they get their sh!t together"

teammember1-"no..i want full build. full build j4 OP"
teammember2-"baron..ffs why dont u baron??!?!"

me-"push far out push pls, we are all nearby and have 25 secs, we can win"
teammember2-"baron u fkin dkhead"<---he starts to solo it..despite the fact no1 is around

.....everyone does their own thing..i cant carry as the tank...the enemy team soon pick up their game and win.

This is the **** I get ranked with.

...and they say luck isn't a factor...pfff

SO what do I do? I dodge teams that clearly look like they are going to lose a match.

..and I score a 1 hour wait because of it.......

very fair