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Rune Boosts are a joke!!

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There is no reason for runes to be so expensive! This game revolves around having the right runes for your champion and unless you are going to make runes purchasable with real cash making them unattainable just inhibits game play and prevents raising elo!! You guys already make a killing off of skins and champions and I understand the concept of exp boosts but giving ip boosts so you can farm more items is out dated and is losing its grounds especially in MMORPG's! People are sick of this farming concept and eventually we all will lose our patients for it! If you follow the MMO genre you have seen countless games fail because they still depend on the farm hard with kill mob quests! All people care about is end game content, the same applies for ranked play! If I can t rank play at the same level as others eventually i will just quit! I know many people who have already quit because they feel they are so limited in their champion design based on rune expense and lack of time for game dedication. So remove your silly ip boosts so I can just buy the runes I want with my hard earned cash!!!! Not to mention if you make Runes $1.50 or $2.00 you would make a hell of allot more money! The only time I have ever used a ip boost was either when you gave me one for free (which is what I consider everything I purchase with ip, pretty much free stuff from hard work) or if I have extra rp; which always seems to happen when I am 20 rp short of buying something else.....odd! lol! But now I am to the point where I've just come to the conclusion that I will end up spending another $5.00 or so for more skins and champions when they are on sale and save up that extra rp so that one day in the future I will get a free champion for spending so much money! Idk maybe I am wrong and there are alot of suckers out there who use the ip boost system, and if so well that's just sad but like me and many other who I am sure can agree; we tire of having to farm for what should just be given to us to balance the game play!