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Vi build (Top)

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My usual Vi build which usually wins the game:
Beserker Greaves - Furor, Bloodthirster, Frozen Mallet, Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer, Black Cleaver.
Health 3000hp, AD 405(including full AD rune pages), attack speed 1.4 but jumps to 1.8 with 'W' passive when hitting things, 400+ movement speed but Furor enchantment + Frozen Mallet + Phantom Dancer makes it impossible to run from her. This build I made is the best for Anti-ADC and also Anti-Tank/Armor. The Phantom Dancer is for her 'W' so you can stack up those 3 hits then boom, also for crit and the PhD passive which allows you to pass through minions for chasing.
Can Solo Baron, with this just using her 'E' ability and basic attacks, with half heath remaining.