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Don't punish the queue dropper, punish the troll

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There have been well over 100 threads on this issue. Trolls in champion select exclaim "MID OR FEED", or something similar, and the game is instantly ruined. Generally one of the more level-headed players will queue drop, earning himself a 30 minute ban.

End result:

1. One angry player with nothing left to do but complain on the forums (me)
2. Eight disgruntled players who just wasted 5 minutes in the queue.
3. One troll who immediately goes on to "MID OR FEED" the next champion selection.

There is currently no way to combat this, though many have been suggested on this forum. Three of the most promising suggestions I have seen include:

1. Allowing the trolls to be kicked out of champion select and reported via 4-1 vote.
2. Creation of an optional role-selection queue where players may pre-select their role.
3. Attaching real rewards to the honor system such that players have incentive to behave.

Each of these suggestions have pros and cons, all of which have been exhaustively discussed in the various threads on this forum.

There is one thing that everyone agrees on: The current system is completely broken, and punishes the wrong player. The troll should be punished, not the queue dropper.

The only Riot response I have seen is RiotKiddington on the "I'm tired of having to dodge and wait 30 minutes" thread. While I'm glad for the proof that at least some of these threads are read, RK's response is hardly strong enough to assuage the concerns of players, as evidenced by the increasing number of related threads.

The champion selection troll problem is the largest flaw with League of Legends right now, preventing players from enjoying an otherwise extremely enjoyable game.

Riot, please do more something to protect the community from trolls. In the meantime, let us know you're aware of the issue and that something will be done.

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Break the One meta to rule them all.

Riot did not design this game with the 1/1/2/1 (Top/mid/bot/jungle) combo in mind. Jungling is still, very much in their eyes, an optional choice. If you have tried NOT taking a jungler this patch, you would have already seen that not having one is currently a viable choice.