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[Game][Major] Sound Effect Location and Missing Voice Overs

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Actually 2 bugs, but they may be related.

Bug A.
Sound clips that start playing continue at full volume even after you move the camera away.

To Reproduce:
1. Find a nice long sound effect to make it easier. Heimer's ult sound is pretty long (I tested it with mystic shot because I am just that fast.)
2. Watch him start his ult.
3. As soon as you hear the sound effect start, move the camera far far away.
4. Enjoy the rest of the sound effect.

Bug B.
Uncertain of cause, but usually by the 10 minute mark, and almost always by the 20 minute mark, the voices disappear from /taunt /joke /laugh and (if applicable) /dance. The non-voice sound components of the emotes remain. (wooshes and swishes)
Tested with Nami and Vi.

To Reproduce:
1. Play a game.
2. Taunt and hear the awesome character of Vi. (best champion to date)
3. Get distracted from taunting by gameplay.
4. Miss Vi's voice around 20 minutes in.
5. Press Ctrl+1
6. Now you have to make a joke about their smile your self because Vi sure isn't