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New Jungle Jarvan IV/ Diana

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Alrighty now.. I've only heard rumors that these guys could jungle (before update). I was wondering if they would be any good now that the jungle is revamped with new items etc. and if so what would be good to start with?

I don't have Jarvan bought just yet (waiting for a sale with him included). But I play him anytime he is free.

(Random Comment Below)

I know this has no relevant to what I want to know in this thread but I've figured I would share it with you guys.

I now have this weird strange habit of saying:

*Jarvan to the 4th decree.*

Roman Numerals

*Jarvan to the IV decree.*

Just don't ask where I heard or got it from I don't know. I was just playing as him one day and well I just said it.

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Yes Jarvan jungle is good in season 3. Brutalizer/black cleaver are now super viable and he hurts, build him off tank and use either wriggles or spirit stone items, they both work (I personally prefer spirit stone). Also atmas now builds out of avarice blade for super farm. He works as a tank or on off tank, and if you get him he can go top, support or run kill lanes like pantheon jarvan.
I haven't tried Diana yet but apparently (this is according to riot) she performs well. There's a lovely new ap jungle item for her and some of the new ap items like liandrys torment are use ful (not necessarily good I am no pro).
Both need blue buff; this is a downside in case you are invaded. Diana suffers less, and this is why spirit stone is my jarvan item of choice.
As a rule for the new jungle the starting items are ALWAYS machete 5xpots, unless you are somone like Elise or Olaf where you can go machete crystalline flask, or fiddle/Warwick who are old school kinglets and have high sustain.
I'd say get both; if you need to pick get jarvan first, he's cheaper and more malleable.
Oh and there's some nice jarvan in my match history