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Tryndamere DPS Build

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Before you really dismiss this character as just a bad tank, try this build as a DPS carry and see what I mean.

The overall idea here is to crank the damage on Trynd and let his crits decimate opponents in a few hits while gaining back any life lost. If you do it right, most games will be won fairly early as no one can keep up with Trynd's amazing ability to outfarm nearly any other character in the game. While their carry may be level 13 or 14, you will have easily made level 18 and be more than half finished with your whole build with no one strong enough to take the incredible damage output you can maitain.

Skill Order

Level 1: Bloodlust (1)
Level 2: Spinning Slash (1)
Level 3: Spinning Slash (2)
Level 4: Bloodlust (2)
Level 5: Spinning Slash (3)
Level 6: Undying Rage (ultimate)
Level 7: Mocking Shout (1)
Level 8: Bloodlust (3)
Level 9: Spinning Slash (4)
Level 10: Spinning Slash (5)
Level 11: Undying Rage (2)
Level 12: Bloodlust (4)
Level 13: Bloodlust (5)
Level 14-18: Mocking Shout (2-5)

Getting started

Just farm in the middle solo to start. Get boots and 3 health pots. With spin slash and bloodlust, you shouldn't really need any other healing. Once you get SS and BL high enough, wipe out most of a creep wave then pick off enough to heal nearly to full. When you do spin through the creep, try to catch the other carry so you harass him with SS, then ignore him and pick off the weakened creep.

It may sound crazy, but you can solo almost any character with no issue because of how much healing BL gives you and how many creep SS will kill. The creep kills will feed BL and you can heal back whatever life you lose and you can mostly ignore your opponent.

As an added bonus, once you hit level 5 or 4 and SS is at 2 or 3, you can almost wipe out the wraiths in the middle for a quick 80 gold. Just spin through the bushes and you'll kill or nearly take out the smaller ones, the dispatch the big one and use BL to gain your life back. If your opponent sees you go in, no matter, you'll be done before he gets around to you.

By the time you hit level 13-14, you should have 140 to 160 creeps easily and enough money to start your build. Additionally, you should be at least 2-3 levels higher than the other carry because of the wraith kills and not having to leave to heal.


Typical build:

Berserker's Greaves
Phantom Dancer
Infinity Edge
Atma's Impailer
(optional open spot)

When you come back to base your first time, you should have between 1,400 and 2,000 gold. If you have less gold, get Vampiric Scepter (you can just hit and crit to heal while you farm) and Berserker's Greaves. If you have more gold, get Scepter, Zeal, and Greaves. This will allow you to stand toe to toe with most melee or harass your opponents with normal attacks to regain life and continue farming.Once you have enough gold, get Bloodthirster and a level in Mocking Shout, go ganking.

This list will get you a high enough crit rate and attack speed that even without any levels in BL, you can out DPS most other characters. At level 18, with a fully charged thirster, you should be critting almost constantly and doing between 800 and 1,000 damage each hit (usually I hit a creep or two before a fight and have 100% crit chance). If your life dips low and you use Undying rage, you'll have 100% crit chance easily, fast attack speed, and higher DPS given Trynd's passive ability.

As for the optional spot, it depends on what you're facing. Lots of tanks: Last Whisper or Cleaver. Fast eascaping DPS or backboor issues: Phage into Frozen Mallet. No big tanks in your team: Warmog's Armor (with Atma's, you really get a lot more DPS).

On average, I get about 250,000 to 350,000 damage a game with just these items and this build, but try it for yourself and see how it works.

Things to Watch For

When soloing, there are a few characters that are real pains (not it's not Ashe):

Hate this guy for 1 reason, blind. If you encounter a Teemo in the middle, he will use blind as much as he can to slow you down, but you can usually outlast him using your potions and spinning through creep that are weak enough for the kill. Later in the game, you have to watch for teemo in group fights as he will use blind on you to keep you from the fight. Cleanse answers this problem often enough, or a smart Morgana will do the trick too.

This may surprise some, but Cho is annoying as hell to solo against with Trynd. The silence he has will keep you from using lust to heal yourself, and his ultimate will kill you before you use your ultimate. On top of that, his life gain from killing units makes him hard to kill in the early game. To beat him, get the scepter, greaves, and Zeal quickly to keep your life steal high. Later in game, get Last Wisper and watch as he runs away. He won't be able to keep up with your damage output and life steal.

Partners that can seriously boost the effectiveness of this build are many, but here are a few for the arranged team players:

If your opponents think Undying Rage is annyoing, how about kayle hitting you up with invulnerability at the end of your ultimate? Once you have that sheild on, swing away and get as much life back as possible before you pop lust (although you shouldn't have to use it). The slows kayle has are a nice addition to catching easy ganks early on.

Her sheild is amazing for keeping debuffs off you and letting you go after the pesky Ashe and Teemo players in the back lines. The stun she has is an obvious plus.

Malphite and Amumu
Love them both so much. A good Malphite is the best initiater with his ultimate allowing you to spin in and take out a DPS toon in no time. With his slow and tanking ability, he's a great addition. Amumu is similar with his ultimate, but not as effective in catching a quick Kassadin.

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Personally I find getting a level of SS and then Mocking/Bloodlust lets me get more early kills. I can usually last hit enough and use the wraiths to maintain health, and then exhaust + MS usually brings down the (usually) squishy mid solo. Tryn relies quite a bit on bloodlust stacks until lategame, so make sure to keep them up if youre going to be killing people. :P

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Defluxit Umbrae



You left out at level 16 u need to get Ulti (3)

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Senior Member


I almost dismissed tryn as just a bad tank! Thank you for clearing up that tryn can in fact also be built as a DPS champ and not just tank...

On a more serious note, it seems your on the right track with your builds. You should always take into consideration what the other team is rolling in order to counter it when you play dps. But you will find it harder to justify tryn taking mid the higher you go in the ELO brackets. Although with the new buffs to Bloodlust, I can see tryn actually being able handle mid even at low elo (not just newbie island). Just a heads up as it seems you may have only a dozen or so games under your belt.

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Senior Member


So you learn Mocking Shout with level 7 and level up Spinning Slash. Don't understand that. Mocking shout is really powerful in the beginning if you're facing autoattackers.
Also I don't understand why Trynd should go mid. He will just lose because he cannot harass.

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mana montana

Senior Member


question is SS suppsoed to do aoe? i never never seen it once do dmg to mor ethen 1 thing at a time even then the dmg is crazy low

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well thats vecause 1.- mord has his shield full
2.- the range of ss is very low (even its fixed now) so at the end of the slash it usually don't do damage.

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Senior Member


well thats vecause 1.- mord has his shield full
2.- the range of ss is very low (even its fixed now) so at the end of the slash it usually don't do damage.

I think what you meant was:


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This is a very effective build, late game doing 100% crits, 1k dmg, high life steal. Although, you don't necessarily have to do solo mid. It works for other lanes as well, and you don't have to go for wraiths, wolves work just fine.

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Junior Member


I love seeing a trynd mid almost as much as seeing a TF mid. Karth will just gobble you up!