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about move heart of gold

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i wanna talk about move the heart of gold. move heart of gold is fine, but u move the only item for the bot tank support. u may say we can use Philosopher's Stone, thats fine, but Eleisa's Miracle and Shurelya's Reverie is not that good for tanks. if riot create a new items that evolve by Philosopher's Stone and it is tanky, we will appreciate that.

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Heart of Gold was removed due to the fact that it was an insta pick for any support, so it sorta caused problems (Riot posted a video that actually said why they removed it).

I will admit, Tanks got hit hard this patch. But supports got some major advantages, too.

But, I think that a new item isn't necessary yet when the patch hasn't even been out for a week. People still need to play around with the new items. Find a build that works, and come back when you've done SEVERAL tests

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Wizard Of Ham

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Heart of Gold was used lots because it made sense. Now support doesn't make sense. You get a regen item and damage item for gold.. Why? You aren't building damage as a support or generally taking a lot of damage, unless you're nunu and transitioning into a tank build.

I don't really think there is a debate that a new item has to be inputted. Support just isn't viable anymore.