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December MCCC: Strenna, the Queen Mother

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Full Name: Strenna Befana Nicnevin, though she only knows herself as Strenna
Primary Inspiration: La Befana (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Befana)
Age: Appears ~40; true age unknown
Role: Support, mage
Weapon: Broomstick; she fires candy out of the sweeping end like a rifle
Nationality: N/A

Function: Strenna is a CC- and shield-focused support who excels at extending a helping hand to allies from a distance.

What Makes This Champion Special: Strenna has the ability to help allies without actually being present. Her passive allows her to aid allies beyond the grave, while her Treats can benefit allies who are close by or all the way across the map. Cassonade deals damage using an ally as a focal point and continues to be beneficial afterward regardless of positioning. Somnolence has long range, and Celebration continues to affect the battlefield after being cast.


Low cooldown, stackable shield
Ability to shield without being present
Ability to greatly empower an ally's damage potential
Decent AOE AP damage potential
Both hard and soft CC (Sleep/ Silence, Slow)

High mana costs
No healing ability
Shield is weak unless time is taken to build it up
Hard CC can be easily avoided by experienced opponents
Vulnerable to ganking

Strenna is a lovely woman of indeterminate middle age who has an almost unearthly air of regality about her. While she is elegant, composed, and clearly friendly, she also gives off the impression that she's not entirely in contact with what's going on around her and reality might be slipping out from where she's got it tucked under one elbow. She is very concerned with the cleanliness and happiness of people around her and seems to be able to pull sweets and presents out of thin air. She is never seen without her aged broom, which has the name "Strenna" carved in the handle. I imagine she looks much like Michelle Pfeiffer.

Classic Skin: Based off a concept of La Befana (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_WriF8m2mVt0/R1NiWOymPmI/AAAAAAAAAnw/xlKl8BimrbQ/s400/befana_a_kusti.jpg). Her broom is mahogany-brown and tipped with a head of golden straw. Particles are predominantly silver.
Royal Wedding Skin: Inspired by Princess Cadance from "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" (http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/116/e/5/princess_cadance_in_wedding_dress_by_90sigma-d4v2ccy.png). Her broom is made of pure gold and has a head made from a bouquet of bright pink roses. Particles become predominantly pink.
Corpse Bride Skin: Halloween-style skin inspired by Emily from "Tim Burton's Corpse Bride" (http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/21400000/Emily-wallpaper-emily-the-corpse-bride-21478460-2100-1133.jpg). Her broom is smooth ebony wood and has a head made of pale grey twigs. Particles become predominantly sky-blue.

Week One: Abilities

Meeting the Contest Requirements
Christmas Cheer:
- Design: Strenna is inspired by several Christmas legends and gives food to people almost compulsively.
- Lore: Strenna was once a great queen who lived her life for her subjects and still retains her nurturing, generous nature.
- Passive, Salvation: Strenna gives a buff to an ally when she is killed.
- Q, Benevolence: Strenna gives a shield to a nearby ally or drops one on the ground to be picked up later.
- W, Cassonade: This ability grants a buff to allied champions when cast on them.
- E, Somnolence/ R, Celebration: As CC effects, these skills help to give allies kills.

Naughty or Nice:
- Design: Strenna does not have any auras or self-centered AOE effects. W's viability has been cleared by ObscureClockwork.
- Q, Benevolence: Dropped Treats will give allies shields, but will cause enemies to become visible.
- W, Cassonade: Cassonade gives an ally a buff, but damages all enemies around them.

That Big Old Sack:
- Q, Benevolence: Strenna collects Treats for the use of this spell and receives bonus MS and mana regen based on her current number of stacks.

Passive: Salvation
Upon death, Strenna temporarily recovers her angelic powers and may gift her blessing upon a nearby ally, granting them bonus health and MS.

Salvation is a passive ability that will trigger whenever Strenna dies. After entering her angelic form, all of Strenna's ability slots are replaced with the Salvation ability, which she can use immediately to place the Guardian Angel buff on one ally within 1500 units. This ally receives bonus health equal to 100/150/200/250/300/350 + (0.5 x Strenna's AP) and 25% bonus MS for 5 seconds. Upon casting Salvation, Strenna immediately completes her death sequence. If Strenna does not use Salvation within 5 seconds, she completes her death sequence without it.

Appearance: Upon death, Strenna is surrounded in a blast of silver light and takes on a floating, translucent appearance, clad in a flowing white gown, with huge white wings bursting from her shoulders (http://media.photobucket.com/image/recent/winxieclubie/Sailor%2520Moon/princess1.jpg). She points at her chosen ally, who is surrounded and filled with orbs of silver light, causing them to glow for the duration of the buff. Upon casting, Strenna explodes in silver light and is gone from the field, leaving only her broom behind to mark her resting place.

Uses: Supports often must throw themselves in harm's way to let their carry escape. This passive helps a carry flee even after Strenna sacrifices herself or is ganked. In case she is caught out of position at the start of a team fight, she can use this ability on the tank instead to help them initiate on the enemy team and retaliate, or she can use it on the carry again to get them out of what is probably about to be a massacre.

Q: Benevolence
Cost: 30/35/40/45/50 mana
Cooldown: 1 sec (0.6 sec at max CDR)
Range: 600 (Treat target/drop range) 135 (diameter of Treat effect)
Using her powers to benefit her allies, Strenna generates Treats over time. She can use them on allies to create cumulative shields or drop them on the ground for allies to pick up later. An enemy trying to pick up a Treat that wasn't meant for them will turn the present into a lump of coal! Strenna passively gains MS and mana regen for each Treat she is holding in order to facillitate her job of delivering them.

Passive: Strenna is conjuring magical Treats to gift to her allies. Every 14/12/10/8/6 seconds affected by CDR (3.6 seconds with max CDR,) Strenna generates one Treat ammo stack, up to a cap of 2 (skill level 1)/ 3 (skill level 3)/4 (skill level 5). For every Treat Strenna has, she gains 5 flat MS, up to 20 maximum MS at maximum stacks, and regenerates 0.25% of her maximum mana every second, up to a maximum of 1% regeneration at maximum stacks.

Active: Targeted ability that can be cast on allies or the ground. If cast on an ally, Strenna throws them a Treat, giving them a shield for 20/30/40/50/60 + (0.2 x AP) health that lasts for 2 seconds. This skill can be used on the same ally multiple times; multiple casts will refresh the shield duration and add to the shield's health. If cast on the ground, Strenna tosses a Treat to the targeted location. If an ally touches the Treat, they will receive the same shield they would have gotten had Strenna targeted them with this ability. If an enemy touches the Treat, it turns into a hard lump of coal and disappears, granting sight of the enemy who ran over it for 2 seconds. Treats do not grant sight otherwise.

Dropped Treats last for 2 minutes and do not disappear if Strenna dies. The maximum number of dropped Treats that can be on the field at one time is equal to the maximum amount of Treat stacks Strenna can have at her current level. For the first 2 seconds after a Treat is placed, enemies cannot affect it; this is so if you misclick and drop the Treat on the ground instead of hitting the right target, the ally can still pick it up before an enemy gets rid of it. Minions cannot be targeted by clicked or dropped Treats.

Appearance: Treats look like large wrapped bonbons. In her classic skin, they are shiny silver with yellow ribbons on the corners. In her Royal Wedding skin, they are pink with white ribbons. In her Corpse Bride skin, they are light blue with deep purple ribbons. The shield placed by them is a large, smooth, shimmering sphere the same color as the wrapping on the Treat; simultaneously, the ally in the center is surrounded by a glow the same color as the ribbons on the Treat. When an enemy touches the Treat, it morphs into a hard, black, shiny lump of coal for a moment, then crumbles into dust and vanishes. Treats have a red or green aura underneath them, as Caitlyn and Nidalee's traps do, to distinguish allied Treats from enemy ones.

Uses: Treats are Strenna's main contributions to the battlefield. As small shields that can be popped when desired, they should be placed in locations an ally might get ganked and need a quick shield as they escape or left at jungle camps where junglers can pick them up before attacking. The Treat shield is primarily used to counter DPS rather than burst damage, as it takes time to build up to full strength. Treats can be used as very inferior wards, but as they are very easy to avoid or destroy, it is unwise to rely on them for this purpose.

W: Cassonade
Cost: 90/100/110/120/130 mana
Cooldown: 11 sec (7.2 sec with max CDR)
Range: 700 (targeting range) 275 (diameter of AOE)
Strenna conjures an explosion of candy from the location of an allied unit, dealing damage to all enemy targets within range. If the allied target was an ally champion, all damage they deal is increased for a short time.

Ally-targeted ability. All enemy units within 275 units of the initial target take 70/110/150/190/230 + (0.5 x AP) magic damage. If the initial target is an allied champion, he or she gains the buff Candy-Coated, which increases all damage they deal by 10/11.25/12.5/13.75/15% for 3 seconds. Candy-Coated vanishes immediately from all allies if Strenna is killed while the effect is active.

Appearance: A nova-like sphere of small, brightly-colored candies flies out from the initial target, pelting enemies in the area before dissolving into twinklies. The buff Candy-Coated is manifested by a bright silver (classic skin,) pink (Royal Wedding skin,) or sky-blue (Corpse Bride skin) glow over the affected champion.

Uses: This spell can be used for minion-farming with some efficacy, but its main use is its powerful damage buff. It allows for quick turret destruction and can be a game-changer when cast on a fed AD carry. However, the mana cost is high, so it should not be spammed except in specific circumstances. Fun fact: "cassonade" is another word for raw, unrefined sugar.

E: Somnolence
Cost: 100 mana
Cooldown: 10 sec (6 sec with max CDR)
Range: 1000 (range to center of AOE) 175 (diameter of AOE)
Strenna casts a spell that will put enemies caught in the area to sleep. Sleeping targets can neither move nor take action, and the next attack to hit them will deal extra damage. However, taking damage will remove the Sleep effect.

Ground-targeted AOE ability. A 175-unit-wide sigil appears on the ground and, after a 0.75 second delay, projects a bright column of light into the air. Enemy champions caught in the pillar of light take 90/135/180/225/270 + (0.8 x AP) magic damage and are afflicted with Sleep for 1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0 seconds. While Sleeping, enemy champions can neither move nor attack, and the next attack that hits them will deal an extra 15% damage. However, taking damage from any champion-originating source applied post-Sleep will break the Sleep effect immediately. (In other words, if Teemo just attacked your target right before Somnolence hit them, the damage from his poison DoT will not break Sleep, nor cause extra damage. He would have to attack them again afterward to break Sleep and proc its damage boost.) Enemy minions are unaffected by all effects of this skill.

Appearance: A sigil appears on the ground, warning enemies of the location of the spell's cast (classic skin: silver starburst/ Royal Wedding skin: pale pink heart/ Corpse Bride skin: stylized black rose). After 0.75 seconds, a blazing pillar of silver/ pink/ blue light (dependent upon skin) erupts into the air, damaging enemies and weaving a sparkling spell of sleep around them. The Sleep effect is signified by a speech bubble (as with Silence) above the target's head with a "Z" in it, as well as translucent, glimmering strands of light that wind slowly through the air around them.

Uses: Somnolence is a powerful nuke and a very potent CC effect, but the small AOE and long wind-up time makes it easy for enemies to evade. If an ally can land CC on the target first, though, Somnolence makes for the perfect follow-up, especially if there's a burst mage around to take full advantage of the ensuing damage boost. Use with Cassonade for maximum effect.

R: Celebration
Cost: 100/150/200 mana
Cooldown: 180/150/120 sec (72 sec with max CDR)
Range: 1200 (range to center of AOE) 600 (diameter of AOE)
Strenna attempts to stop the fighting by dropping an enormous cake onto the battlefield with much pomp and circumstance. Enemies, struck dumb at the ignomity of their situation, are Silenced and slowed as they attempt to wallow out of the mess of smashed pastry.

Ground-targeted AOE ability. After a 0.5 second delay, a titanic cake arrives from the heavens, landing on the field and suffusing it in frosting. Enemies caught close to the colossal confection take 200/250/300 + (0.8 x AP) magic damage and are Silenced for 1.0/1.5/2.0 seconds. For 4 seconds thereafter, the area where the cake landed is covered in remnants, slowing enemies who are standing in or walk into the area by 20/30/40% for the duration.

Appearance: A 600-unit wide circle of silver/pink/dark blue sparkles bursts out of the ground, marking the location where the pastry is about to fall. 0.5 seconds later, a massive, multi-tiered cake (approximately 300 units wide) plummets from the sky and hits the ground. When the pastry impacts, a 600-unit wide circular area is plastered with a solid layer of cake, and all enemies within it take the damage and the silence. This area lasts for 4 seconds and will slow any enemy champions who enter it. Beyond the 600-unit circle, splatters of frosting can be seen, but they quickly vanish, as they are superficial and appear purely for humor value. 0.5 seconds after the destruction of the cake, a series of colorful fireworks goes off behind the tableaux, honoring the cake's great sacrifice. These fireworks, like the extended frosting spatters, are just for amusement and have no actual effect on the battle.

Use: This skill smashes enemies over the head with a hefty chunk of damage and a disabling Silence, then continues to inconvenience the ones who remain behind afterward. This skill serves a similar purpose in most ways to Sona's Crescendo, but can be used from a distance. Due to the somewhat high cooldown, this ult should usually be saved for teamfights where the effects can be maximized and hopefully followed by with an easier-to-land-than-usual Somnolence.

Week Two: Lore

In days long past, when the boundaries between worlds were not as defined as they are today, a world of immortal angels knew of the land of Runeterra. Seeing the chaos of the young and primeval land, the angelic beings came to Runeterra, unifying its people within an empire centered on the continent of Valoran. Unfortunately, the home of the angels was imperfect, and a great war erupted between the angels and their fallen brethren. The angels in Runeterra returned to their home world and sealed it away from the rest of the universe, unwilling to let their conflict boil over into the lives of others. Only one angel stayed behind in Runeterra to govern the land: the Queen Mother of all Runeterra, a ruler just and pure - and eternal.

As generations went by, dissent began to simmer against the angelic queen's unending rule, and a traitor plotted to remove her from the throne. While her immortality meant she could not be killed, the traitorous Shurima - a powerful seer with ambitions of power - poisoned the queen with a mind-damaging toxin and had her spirited away to the north, beyond the mountains, to an abandoned cottage in the middle of the wilderness. When she finally awakened from the effects of the potion, she had no idea who or what she was. Alone and innocent as a child, she found only one object in the cottage to keep her company: an old straw broom with the name of the maker emblazoned on the handle: Strenna. Taking a liking to the object and how it helped her keep her house clean, the woman adopted the broom's name for her own.

Centuries passed. Civilizations rose and fell. Occasionally the woman who now knew herself as Strenna would receive visitors, who were always impressed by her devout housekeeping and the sumptuous food she could provide as though by magic. One day, such a guest told Strenna of the League of Legends, recommending that she see the great battles at least once in her life. Intrigued, Strenna made her way to the Institute of War; however, the moment the champions first closed blades with one another, instincts long dormant reawakened with a vengeance. Strenna leaped from the viewing platforms directly onto the Field of Justice and cast a spell that sent all of the battling champions into a deep sleep. Astounded, the High Council cancelled the battle and took Strenna in for questioning. When next the battles were convened, Strenna was present as a new champion in the League.

Will continued use of her angelic powers someday recover her long-lost sense of self...?

"She is of the line of Befana. A stronger, more compassionate, more honorable lineage your world has never known."
- Kayle, the Judicator

Week Three: Stats

Range: 500
Movement Speed: 330
Health: 360 + 81 per level (Level 1: 441, Level 18: 1818)
Health Regen: 5.0 + 0.55 per level (Level 1: 5.55, Level 18: 14.9)
Mana: 245 + 55 per level (Level 1: 300, Level 18: 1235)
Mana Regen: 6.0 + 0.6 per level (Level 1: 6.5, Level 18: 16.8)
Damage: 49 + 3.0 per level (Level 1: 52, Level 18: 103)
Armor: 9 + 3.8 per level (Level 1: 12.8, Level 18: 77.4)
Attack Speed: 0.609 + 2.6% (Level 1: 0.625, Level 18: 0.901)
Magic Resistance: 30 + 0 per level (Level 1: 30, Level 18: 30)

Recommended Items
Summoner's Rift:
Faerie Charm
Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Kage's Lucky Pick
Shurelya's Reverie
Shard of True Ice
Aegis of the Legion

Twisted Treeline:
Faerie Charm
Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Kage's Lucky Pick
Shard of True Ice
Twin Shadows
Aegis of the Legion

Amplifying Tome
Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Kage's Lucky Pick
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Twin Shadows
Wooglet's Witchcap

Extra: Quotes
Champion Selection:
"...I feel as though we have met before, summoner."

"Life is just full of surprises."
"What's over there?"
"Where is my tree? Someone has moved it."
"That would be a lovely spot for a picnic."
"My heavens, what a beautiful day."

"Fire one!"
"That's right, hit him again!"
"Would they like some candy?"
"That needs decorating."
"I am the flower, you are the bee!"

Strenna fiddles with her broom, holding the tail up to her eye to examine it. A candy flies out of the end, hitting her in the face and knocking her down.
"I can make you a chowder!" *candy fires* "On second thought...perhaps a souffle?"
"Where are the clowns?"
*candy fires* "Gracious! ...Was that them?"

"Feed the yordles! Tuppence a bag!"
"I am sorry. But peace requires sacrifice."

While I couldn't find a video of it on Youtube, Strenna's dance would be an homage to Utu-Noranti Pralatong's famous belly-dance in the episode "Lava's a Many Splendored Thing" of Farscape: Season Four.

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This is the extra stuff on Strenna. None of it is vital to understanding her champion design, but I think it's useful nonetheless



Strenna is of course intended to be a support champion, although the high damage on her E and her ability to increase her own damage with W and E can make her a somewhat reputable mid in a pinch. As a support, Strenna should take a point in Q first, E second, and W third, then focus on leveling Q > W > E. If midding, E > W > Q is the better route.

On Summoner's Rift, Strenna primarily supports her laning partner but can also lend a helping hand to her jungler by leaving Treats at jungle camps to give him or her a small shield at the start of their jungle engagement. She can also use Treats as semi-wards by placing them in places enemy junglers might try to counterjungle, possibly catching them up and gaining sight of their activities. In the lane, Strenna should save up her Treats so she can toss them all on her carry should a gank occur; she can also use them whenever the enemy carry tries to poke, providing a sort of minor damage mitigation if well-timed.

Q is a bit pricey, so if Strenna is very active with her Benedictions, she's going to need plenty of mana regen to keep her going. Chalice is an ideal item for her, as is Eleisa's Miracle. The Miracle encourages use of the summoner spell Heal, which is good for Strenna as she has no other heal unless you count her passive (much like Lulu). Other great purchases are of course Shurelya's Reverie, Aegis of the Legion, and the Shard of True Ice, which can help a lot with defusing ganks.

Countering Strenna is easiest with burst damage. Because Strenna functions somewhat like the shielding version of Sona - small protections over time - she can't protect her carry from the burst of an assassin or a jungler. In a gank situation, Strenna will likely pop her ult and her E to try and slow you down while her carry escapes; use Flash and gap-closers to escape her obstacles and continue the chase. Due to her passive, Strenna will probably throw herself in your path - perhaps using the Shard of True Ice to slow you further and buy her carry more time - but after she uses E and R, she is much less of a threat. If you really want her carry, you'll have to ignore her at this point. If you decide to gank her instead of her carry, take the time afterward to turn all of her Treats in the lane to coal so her carry can't use them once you leave.

Like many supports, Strenna is not at her best on Twisted Treeline. She does however bring a lot of additional burst to her carry through her E > W combo, which can help a burstier AD carry - i.e. Caitlyn or Vayne - get fed more quickly. Her difficulty in handling ganks is problematic with the jungle so close, however. Without wards, Strenna should litter the jungle with Treats in hope of catching early sight of an enemy, take Clairvoyance, and build the Twin Shadows to further keep a handle on her opponents.

Strenna is a support more suited to go top than bot when it comes to Dominion. Because she serves best as a damage amplifier for another teammate, she obviously would prefer to be amongst the majority of her team for maximum efficacy. She can, however, make a decent showing on bot, as enemies who dive her run the risk of being R > E > W'd and eating large amounts of turret fire.

E is the threat that makes people think twice about diving or targeting you as Strenna, so don't use it haphazardly. Celebration's large size can make it very nasty when dropped on a turret team fight, and amidst the flash and bang of the Dominion turrets, the warning particles are more difficult to see, which can also work in your favor.

Strenna still has problems with ganking on Dom, but with a smaller jungle and the Twin Shadows, she should be more capable of watching her own back. The passive gold gain will help her build up to a more threatening demi-carry status, too; built as a tanky AP carry with Athene's, Rylai's, Twin Shadows, and Wooglet's Witchcap, Strenna is actually a rather terrifying damage/buffing machine, somewhat like a fed Lux or Zilean.

Your best weapons against Strenna-as-AP-carry on Dominion are movement speed and juking. If you can successfully tempt her into blowing her E, you have 6 to 10 seconds to burst her down before she becomes a full-fledged threat again. Since she's vulnerable to burst damage due to the time her shield takes to ramp up, having an assassin knife her in the back early also works well, although doing so means you have to deal with the bonus from her passive on one of her allies. Watch out for that.


- Strenna is of the same race as Kayle and Morgana, though she doesn't remember this.
- The war that pulled Strenna's family home is the same conflict raging in the angelic world today.
- The fact that angels once walked Valoran provided the lore the Council of the League researched in order to break through the boundaries between worlds and contact Morgana for the first time.
- Shurima, the traitor who eliminated Strenna, went on to form his own empire, which is the civilization in the Shurima Desert (which he of course named after himself) that Amumu came from.
- Strenna's ability to generate food from nowhere (part of her angelic powers) that so impressed visitors to her cottage is the source of all the candy and goodies in her Q, W, and R.
- The sleep spell that Strenna used to put the champions to sleep in the battle she interfered with was of course her E.

- Strenna is based on the Italian legend of La Befana, an old woman who was given a chance to go to Bethlehem but turned it down because of how much housework she had to do. Hours later, she decided the birth of Christ was more important and tried to follow the Wise Men, but they were long gone and she could not find them. Now she wanders every year, leaving treats behind at the houses of good children because all good children have Christ inside of them. The presents La Befana leaves are of course Strenna's Q; La Befana's association with good housekeeping explains Strenna's broom; and the holy nature of La Befana's mission is reflected in Strenna's background and her passive.
- La Befana is also identified with the Roman goddess Strenia, who was identified with the New Year, purification, and well-being. "Strenae" is a Sabine word for "wellbeing" or "welfare," and from this origin the Italian word for a Christmas present is a "strenna." Strenia herself is further identified with Nicnevin, or Neachneohain, who is a Queen of Fairies in Scottish folklore, often identified with Hecate and Scathach, witches and magic, and the turning of a new year. From all these elements did the name Strenna Befana Nicnevin come about, although Strenna only recognizes the first third of that as her name.
- Strenna's entire kit is a subtle homage to the abilities of the Witch class from the PSP game "Gungnir." Gungnir's Witches used brooms as weapons, could place symbols called Grams on the ground to affect those who stood on them (basis for Benevolence,) summoned energy beams from the sky (rather than giant cakes,) and had an AOE wind spell called Sweet Wind that was the inspiration for Somnolence. (And although Sweet Wind did not cause sleep, another spell Witches had did.)
- Strenna's personality was largely inspired by the character of Utu-Noranti Pralatong from the TV show "Farscape," and several of her quotes--as well as her dance--reflect this.
- The quote "Where is my tree? Someone has moved it," is a reference to the musical "Sunday in the Park with George."
- The quote "My heavens, what a beautiful day," is a reference to the internet video "Dr. Tran and the Toy Cack."
- The joke "Where are the clowns?" is a reference to the musical "A Little Night Music."
- The taunt "Feed the yordles! Tuppence a bag!" is a reference to the Disney movie "Mary Poppins."

Leave me your opinion on this champion and I will definitely return the favor! Just be sure to give me a link to them so I can find them, please.

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Week one of the December MCCC is over. Check it out here: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=32054910#post32054910

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I really appreciate that this champ's lore and inspiration is not a reiteration of common Christmas personas. Quick question. It's hinted at the end that Kayle in some way knows her. Is Strenna related or involved with Kayle and Morgana and their people? If so, I think it would be helpful to connect them more explicitly to the existing lore on the angels of Runeterra. Otherwise, I like the idea of an amnesiac champ who can't help but still express her true nature. Very cool.

Concerning her thematics and animations...She's very whimsical, much like Lulu. I think that is really neat, but it could be somewhat difficult to fit her ability appearances in to the whole graphical appearance of League, especially her R. However, I don't think this is much of an issue.

I appreciate the counterplay involved in Strenna's treats. They function much like Zyra's seeds in that an enemy champ can step on them to deny her full potential. This makes her much more engaging for the player and her enemies.

Her E works very well as a high skill disengage or isolation/focus mechanic. I wonder though if allied champs will be able to react quickly enough to stop attacking or switch targets. Maybe allied champs could have some longer graphical warning so they can reach more quickly.

Strenna's Ultimate is fantastic. A GIANT CAKE OF DEATH! Such a cool mental picture. One question: Is the slow radius the same as the impact radius? When I imagine a cake falling from the sky, I picture the cake exploding and splashing in a circle larger than the impact zone. Perhaps the cake slow zone could be larger than the silence/damage zone, so that even enemies that don't get caught in your initial ult location would be disabled in some way if they didn't clear enough. I think that could really bump this ult into epic-ness.

Overall, I appreciate the theme of an amnesiac angel spreading her benevolence throughout Runeterra and the League. I think her abilities are really solid. If anything, I would work more on making Strenna's lore feel more native to Riot's official lore, which would ground it and make it feel more familiar and relatable. Very nice.

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Thank you very much for your response, margnik!

You actually got what I was going for with the lore: the implication is supposed to be that Strenna and Kayle are both from the same angelic world. The "great war" that "erupted between the angels and their fallen brethren" is supposed to be the war that Kayle was fighting in, against Morgana's forces, before she was forced to join the League. I'm concerned that the connection wasn't as obvious as I thought, though. I'll go look again and see if I can see a good way to make it clearer.

I'm glad you like the counterplay on the Treats, and thank you for the compliments on E I'll consider the graphical warning idea...perhaps an audible warning instead? Hmm. Always something to think about!

That was actually exactly the idea for Celebration! The cake graphic itself was not intended to be 600 units wide; it would land and explode, dealing the damage and silence to people close to the flying wave of cake bits as well as those directly underneath. I love the idea of the graphic extending way beyond the area of effect, though XD I have GOT to adjust the Description area to add that.

Thanks again for the feedback, margnik!!! I really, really appreciate it ^_^

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Green Earth Guy

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Hey there! Since you gave feedback on my submission, I shall give some on yours.

Let's see here...

I think her passive would want to make me play her. The ability to heal someone from the grave can be a momentum shift in a fight easily. Honestly, I like champions that allow you to do things that others can't. Things like Kog's Passive, Zilean's Ult, and Zed's W make me want to play a champion simply because you couldn't do things like that on any other champion. That is why I like your passive :P

On to your Q. I like the idea, but I would much rather use the shield then the vision granter. Sure, having vision would be nice, but you can achieve that with an Ashe Hawkshot, or a correctly placed Cait trap. What I like about Soraka's "Naughty or Nice" themed ability is that you are given two choices that are equally sound choices. I still like the ability, nothing seems wrong with it. However, I would just rather use the shield effect than the coal effect.

As an AD carry player, your W is like heaven to me xD. Although, I find it interesting that if Strenna dies when the buff is on an ally, it vanishes. I'm not saying I don't like that, but I honestly wouldn't see much difference if the buff remained after death.

No complaints about the E.

All I have to say is, your Ult is amazing. A giant cake being thrown on to the ground. Too pro. The only nit picky complaint I have about this skill is that it's a cake. Sure, it's a cake, but after reading your lore, I don't really see how the cake would exactly fit in with your character. Other than that, very nice ultimate!

Honestly, you have put a lot of effort into this concept. I wouldn't be surprised if this won

Best of luck to you