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More friendly loading screen for entry level players.

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I will admit right off the bat I am not that good at this game and I find it difficult to get good at it. One of the biggest issues for me (among many) is not knowing what other champions are capable of.

The loading screen to me is the ideal place to learn about the champions. Here we are sitting around for 3 minutes waiting for some guy to connect after 1 minute then spend another 2 minutes loading for who knows why. So while I am waiting it would be super cool if I could just click on any of the champions being displayed and for a UI to pop up telling me about them, just like when picking champions where I can click on my own teams champions(when blind to enemy picking.)

Maybe as a first pass since UIs are notoriously not interactive while loading clicking on a champion could simply open up a website with their information? Though that would work best if the default game mode was not full screen... which being a dual monitor person I would prefer but I understand why full screen is the default.