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Failure to commincate: bannable offense?

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Get into draft, someone called adc and mid, so I call top. Then I say I play Darius or sion (since darius gets banned often) then ASK who everyone is playing. Adc says Jayce, and no one else answer.

Jungle picks Olaf, adc picks Jayce ... then mid picks Zed and tells me to pick AP. I can't pick AP since I have no AP champs, no ap runes and general suck with AP champs thats why I say upfront I'm playing Darius (AD). (Thats also why I play Draft normal and not rank since I can't AP)

Then in game he asks why I didn't pick AP and I tell him all that and then I ask why he didn't say who he was playing since I specifically asked that to make sure we have AP/tank/etc. He says whenever he tells people hes going to play AD mid on everyone else playing AD someone dodges que ... well obviously. That he couldn't comprehend that is beyond me.

Is something like this enough to report someone for failure to communicate? Hope he sees this post and stops acting stupid.