[Math] For all the people saying that %Mpen first is better.

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Originally Posted by Nores View Post
Void+masteries = 43% penetration
magpen rune page =20 mgpen
abyssal =20 mgpen
sorc boots =15 mgpen
guise=15 mgpen

Total Flat = 70

So against 200 MR 200-114-70=44 MR .So you right that against full MR tank it still matters somewhat. But what about 150 MR? -which is what tanks usually have if they dont stack MR.

Or 80-100 MR carries? -Right True damage
so let me get this straight, you want to be able to erase any amount of MR out there? to a point where magic damage is imposible to counter?

that seems like a good plan

and guess what? mpen is to counter mres stakers, big ****ing surprise that it doesnt affect low mr targets as much.