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Good bye

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This will be the last time I play lol some people might say good riddance or what ever I dont care but this game has just been getting on my nerves patch after patch

1) I think this honor system is the biggest joke of the game I used to say gg but then after seeing all the people who say it and beg for honor just made me never want to say it anymore. Now that its been out for a while people who have already got their little sailor moon ribbons for "honorable opponent" and even team mates will just be condescending dicks

2) Champions I end up liking and buying end up getting changed and in my opinion usually nerfed the first occasion of this that I can recall was with twitch I used to like playing him now I consider him unplayable personally then it was shen and not even that his ult's cool down was increased but that his passive was changed

3) so many champions I lost count after jayce some very unmemorable ones like syndra but thats not the problem although champion design could be better
its that there are so few game modes to play them on. I dont like the new twisted treeline th old one was ok but the new one just doesn't seem very twisted I liked the thick grass cover of the old one gave it a good feel. and dominion nothing wrong with it but its not something I jump to play

4) this may be a bit out of order but this new patch I just hate it the hud is goofy the item shop makes me think of other Moba games that I dislike and always preferred the real lol over. I feel like they should add a flying donkey courier to top it off

5) The new jungle is terrible again imo im sure someone might like all these things I have mentioned but for me I used to be ok at jungling I could jungle with nearly any champion getting a gank might be another question but still now I cant seem to jungle with any maybe it just takes getting used to but if I wanted to do something new then I would just play a new game.

6) Now I dont want to sound racist or something but I get games where I get stuck with alot of people that don't speak English now in most games that wouldn't matter but when I cant tell what an mia is or if they called mid or what ever that makes it hard and this seems to happen every other game im not sure if there is much that can be done for something like this but it get annoying

7) the new match making well guess its not that new anymore im pretty sure someone is being a dick on it most of the time and going into the que only to decline it because I can get matched 10 times and of those ten times someone seems to have to decline whats up with that

8) Level cap may be the word but It seems like no matter what I either get stuck with people that do way better than me and thus feed to them and get *****ed at or get stuck with "noobs" who will constantly need saving somehow making proportionally matched teams would be nice even if you dont really and say you do then no one could call someone else a noob because they were "matched" ; ]

I might be forgetting a few things but all in all I used to play this game all day every day after work I loved it I got alot of friends into it, it was great but now I cant stand it even my friends tell me how they hate it and I say well give it another try but now I cant say that anymore
I would like to see this game turn around into a positive direction it seems like its just getting as gimmicky as syndra's minion throw but until it does I will not be playing let alone spending money

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Games like lol are constantly being updated and changed to improve the experience, no one would play this game if it didnt change and evolve with the MOBA market. Games will change in short