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Run LoL Launcher Then I Got Black Screen

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Junior Member


Hello Everybody, Today when i run my LoL launcher and starting as always login screen went black without the options of Username/Password but theres something curios the sounds of the login screen could be heard and then when closing the screen try to re-run the launcher out a window with this message "Sequence Errors Internet Explorer Commands" with some texts more or less like:
Line: 486
Character: 6
Error:'Time' not defined
URL:file://C:\Programs Files/LeagueofLegends\html\default-en.html

"Want to continue running the scripts on this page"

And thats all.
I hope you guys can help me.
I tried several ways to fix the problem but didn't worked.

Thank you.

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Junior Member


I'm having the same problem man...it's really starting to piss me off i cant find a way to get around it either =/

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Junior Member


yea i have been having the same problem to and cant find help it started for me after the new update