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New HUD needs to be optional

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A lot of people I have talked to don't like it and some have even quit the game. Make the new HUD optional, or perhaps take this further and have it so you can make your own HUD, by choosing colours and positions on the screen etc. I personally don't like the new HUD and would like the old one. Store is also a lot harder to navigate through, even with the search bar. Everything is also really small and is quite hard to see. The new Mini-Map is a lot smaller and a bit harder to see what's going on. I also had a few players complain that the new HUD is making them drop FPS etc.


EDIT: Also like to add I made 18 Mastery Pages yesterday as I never got round to it. Nek Minut, reset the next day -_-

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The New Hud is horrible, and everyone i talk to agrees. Its just Too big....I actually went into my resolution to see if it was reset after patch because the HUD gives you that feeling lol.

I haven't had time to comment on other changes, but the HUD immediate bounced out at me in a bad way. MY thought are that the designers of the game play on such a huge display, possibly projector screens? so the HUD would be Ideal for that use, BUT for the Average user its a slap in the face. I have a 22" screen and the HUD is just massive lol.

Please make it sleeker, smaller. Thankyou!!!