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They have 100-20,000 people watching them! They say a ton of ****, laugh at people, call them noobs and everything, but then I get banned for calling 1 person a noob in from of 9 people. Why do you favor them! WHY DO YOU FAVOR THEM! HOW CAN YOU FAVOR THEM? WHERE IN THE SUMMONERS CODE DOES IT SAY "YOU ARE EXEMPT FROM ALL OF THESE CODES IF YOU ARE PROMOTING OUR PRODUCT" Where in the **** does it say this riot?

You tell us to follow the summoners code, then you don't act fairly to us? Why don't you follow your own code instead of holding us to a standard that not even you guys can meet?

Riot! Why won't you follow your own code?!? You tell us to do it, why are streamers exempt! TELL ME WHY THEY DONT GET BANNED WHEN THEY DONT FOLLOW THE SUMMONERS CODE BUT I DO!

Hear our cries riot! You should not be aloud to ban only people that don't promote your product! You as a company, should hold everyone to the same standards, you should no make exceptions for these streamers! THEY ARE THE ONES WITH THE MOST INFLUENCE! Honestly, what if I started streaming, promoted smoking pot, and got all the kids to do it with me. Is there nothing you could do because I didn't do it in game? Would you just let me continue promoting the use of drugs with your game as a catalyst?

Are you dodging the fact that they signed the summoners code? That just because they promote your game they get exemptions. NO, so keep your word and ban the rest of them!