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My thoughts on the new HUD.

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I'm going to break this up into a few parts:


The shop is... weird. I like the idea. I always liked the shop in DotA 2. I like the recommended tab (though I wish the items were a bit less off base). I like the search bar. I like the new filter feature - however, I do NOT like the way the items are listed. If you have the names showing, it's only one per. If you don't, it's hard to distinguish.

Also, it's way too ****ing big. If I move it to the top of my screen, it STILL covers my skills.


The font is smaller. It's harder to read. It's bigger than it needs to be. It looks nice, it's just too big and too gaudy.


I like the new champion icons on the left.

The top right area looks good, in my opinion.

The minimap is good.

I find the bottom left interesting. The amount of gold I have isn't instinctive to see for me anymore. So is the experience bar. The rest, however, is fine.

The skills and HP bars are weird as ****. It's weird to see how much HP and mana I have now. Also, it's a bit too big.

The surrender screen looks ****ing retarded. You should probably reprimand whatever moron did that.


I like the idea of redoing it. However, it feels wrong when I play now. I've noticed my gameplay has gotten less polished after the update. I wish there was an option to switch back to the old UI. I could deal with the mediocre shop interface if I could use the interface I found fluid and natural.