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Switching windows

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While loading LoL (as in the character load screen where you see both teams) I've noticed that if I switch to a different window, LoL gets real pissed off. When I go to switch back it's just a black screen and nothing happens even after about 10 minutes, still blank.

I assume this is just because it's a beta.

Another issue I have is that right at the start of the game for the first 10-15 seconds, I notice that my FPS is about 00-01. And though it goes back up to it's normal 45-60 fps. Again, this may just be a beta thing, but it would be interesting to see if other beta users experience this.

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I haven't looked at my FPS per se, but I know in the beginning of the game (especially when opening the shop for the first time) the delay is horrible.

Regarding the loading thing, i'm sure you've heard this before: If the game doesn't like you command+tabbing during the loading screen, don't do it. It's generally not a good idea with any program anywho.