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League Judgement for Diana

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I haven't really done anything like this before, But this idea has been sitting on my mind for a few days, So I figured I would try to put my thoughts into words, I don't consider myself that great a writer, But your input is a lot more valuable to me than my own.

Comments, criticism and suggestions are all helpful, If you guys like this one, I will be happy to try to write something for other champions just say which ones you want to see.

Candidate : Diana
Date : 15 July, 21 CLE


Diana walks through the main chamber of the Institute of War, with conviction in each stride,
Like two other Rakkor before her, Every movement seems as if she could be on a battlefield.

Few of the purple robed men in the chamber have time to look at her, Those that made eye contact with her were met with a cold stare, and quickly looked away to resume their business. Diana soon stands before the white marble doors of the reflection chamber and reads aloud, "The truest opponent lies within" "Ha, at least this enemy wont LIE to me" She pushes one of the marble doors open with her uniquely shaped sword, and descends into the darkness.


The darkness of the reflection chamber was much different from the twilight she bathed in at night, She closed her eyes to try and adjust to the darkness but the room was pitch black, there was no light in the room, Diana was felt familiar in embrace of the night. The subtle brilliance of the moonlight was much less intrusive than that of the blinding sun, But light was still present with the darkness, the shroud surrounding her was unnatural, Diana found attempts to see about the room distracting so decided to keep her eyes closed.

A strong familiar breeze lifted Diana's ponytail, the pungent smell of blood filled her nose, how was she here? Her eyes opened. The Rite of Kor was nearly finished for another year, the final test of adulthood for a young member of the Rakkor tribe upon Mount Targon, due to tradition and a lack of resources upon the mountain, each young tribesman was put in a fight to the death against another, with only the survivor being worthy of calling themselves Rakkor, and thus being privileged to wield the grand relic weapons passed through generations of Runeterra's most bloodthirsty tribe.

Diana was born into the sun worshipping sect of the Rakkor, she was not to fight in the Rite of Kor, for this, the other adolescents of the tribe hated her, except one.. Never the less, Diana felt obligated to attend the Rite, even if it was just to watch, A part of Diana envied the warrior's being given a chance to prove themselves to everyone, Diana was never given such an opportunity. She was almost always restricted to the confines of the Solari temple, preforming pointless rituals to the sun, which had always seemed out to hurt her, as if, the sun actually hated her..

The vision faded, "what was the point to that? Those feelings are gone.." Diana said aloud, Diana blinked, when her eyes reopened, She was walking through the Solari temple, walking through the arch that leads to the elders sacred chamber, The roof designed to allow the suns blinding radiance to flood the temple during the day. Now, In her Lunari armor, with her Crescent sword, above her, the moon, before her, The Solari elders. They scream as she approaches them.

"Heratic!" "Traitor!" "Heathen!"

"Elder's I come before you not as a heratic, I told you all, The moon and the sun work together! Now I have proof"

"You come before us, in the armor of a traitor, speaking traitorous words, showing no respect for the privilege you were born into.."

"I am not a traitor! hear my words for once! All I want.."

"All you want, Its always been what you want Diana, You are nothing special, you are just a pawn of the sun, You are no avatar, no warrior, you are deluded!"

High above the moon's radiance lit up the elders chamber, brighter than the candles used to light the room at night, Her curved sword seemed to react to the light, Her armor also, reflected the moonlight in an unnatural way.

"Diana, you have betrayed us, and all we have given you." "Diana leave this temple, never return." "Diana, you are banished."

"No! You are..."

Much like Leona had during the Rite of Kor, Diana summoned the power of the moon, In one swift movement, A force pulled the three Solari elders right in front of her, before the old men could react, Diana broadly swung her crescent sword beheading the men..

Again Diana was in the shroud of the reflection chamber, this time, she was not alone, in the opposite corner of the large room, Leona, the Radiant Dawn stood.

"Why do you want to join the league, Diana?"

"I want to show the Rakkor, and those old men.."

"Why do you want to join the league.. Diana?"

"I want to show everyone the mighty power of the moon, to show everyone that the sun only blinds, and burns.."

"Why do YOU want to join the league.. Diana?"

"..I want to prove to everyone, and to myself, that I am worthy!"

"How does it feel, Exposing your mind?"

Diana did not answer, after a few seconds, Leona, and the fog were gone, Diana looked up towards the ceiling,

"Thank you."